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  1. ecfcandy

    Alex Russell

    interesting, he has just signed for Yeovil Town from Bath City....
  2. ecfcandy


    Am i the only one who thought he deserved man of the match today? solid at the back and he created the goal. thought he was outstanding today!
  3. ecfcandy

    United v Valencia

    Can see an upset here tonight! Valencia are looking pretty good! Anybody agree?
  4. ecfcandy

    Random laws....

    it is not against the law to kill someone at midnight on new years eve in Bath, asl long as you have a bath on your head and you only use a bullet (no gun). Anyone know any others?
  5. ecfcandy


    Scored again today, was he wearing his lucky pants again:P
  6. ecfcandy

    First Exeter Goal?

    who was the first ever city player you saw score a goal??
  7. ecfcandy

    Who was....

    the last celeb you saw and where???