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    Tomorrow's World
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    Royal Gala
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    Band Identity

    Currently listening to 'Status Quo' at Hyde Park, controversial perhaps but it feels almost a betrayal for them to perform as the Quo in the absence of Parfitt, or should the band live on ? Nirvana folded after Cobain died, Foo Fighters was the result. The Beatles without Lennon or McCartney...
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    Steve Stacey

    Some will remember full back Steve Stacey, City's first black player, based in Australia but currently visiting hometown Bristol. He's just written a book "The Colour of Football", and due to come down to Exeter at some stage, presumably to promote things. He's fond memories of his 2 years with...
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    Exeweb Originals Rollcall....

    The first iteration of Exeweb was way back in 1999....anyone else join at that time, or thereabouts ? Incredible to think that I've been spouting, and reading, nonsense on here for nearly 20 years now !
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    Swindon Council sells ground freehold to Trust/Club

    swindon-town-and-supporters-trust-agree-deal-to-purchase-county-ground-freehold-from-swindon-borough-council/ "It’s all possible from the council, and everyone needs to be aware of that. They’ve been the key player in this. At this stage, they are the ones that need to take the plaudits.”
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    City lasses at the Park If only we could transplant the MKD crowd for this one !
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    The Dear Rae Thread

    Dear Rae, I'm finding the very thought of BREXIT troubling, very troubling, in fact all I foresee is gloom and despondent times ahead. Should I emigrate, top myself, or are there any positive outcomes to look forward to ? Kindest Regards Lord Elgin Marbleshire
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    Player Power

    Seemingly Chelsea, Leicester and now Arsenal. Player power, is it real or imagined ?
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    Can we change the name of the 'social club' ?

    To 'solitary confinement' or something else more apt ? Thank you.
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    As you've probably gathered, I'm bored and run out of my favourite packet soup, mulligatawny. Go on then, what's your favourite soup ? I reckon tomato will prove to be the Exeweb soup of choice.
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    You'd never see this kind of thing at a Rugby Union match <sniff>. Disgraceful !
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    Describe your sex life..... a film title. Enter the Dragon
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    The Nostalgia Thread

    Courtesy of Ray Ellis' family, via Exeter Memories...sure they wouldn't mind me sharing here.
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    Permanent Bans

    The site owners/mods should revisit the forum rules regarding PERMANENT bans. As with any form of justice, the most draconian of penalties should be reserved for those who commit the ultimate transgression of the rules. Thing is, in this country we no longer carry out executions, and a life...
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    Thought for the Day

    'Special Relationships' Churchill Roosevelt Thatcher Reagan Blair Bush Corbyn Trump
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    New Finance Director

    While Steve Williams can now concentrate on his own game, Keith Mason steps in. Keep your eye on the ball, Keith. Civil Engineering, design and build experience as well as bean counting, he should make a useful addition to the team...
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    Early end life crisis

    First, Jeremy Clarkson, now Kerry Dixon. Chaps in their mid-fifties giving a damn good slapping to young bucks in their 30s, appears to be de rigeur. Puff out the slipped chest, flex the Party 7, there's a new spring in the step as I head off to the Dog and Duck tonight, they better not mess.
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    Your favourite LP cover