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  1. ecfcandy

    How long can the club punch above its weight?

    I agree with Jay, not such a problem really.Players need an opportunity to prove themselves, how can this ever happen if we rely on Harley or Cureton. All clubs loose their top players, you just have to dig in for a while and then success will follow! Not a big fan of the negativity being...
  2. ecfcandy

    Ade Edmonson

    He sits directly in front of me in the Doble, has had a season ticket for about 5 years! Turns up most weeks, agree that he is quite quiet though!
  3. ecfcandy

    Club Cricket 2011

    What side are you playing for in the NDL then? I have plyed 2 and won two against Bideford and Heathcott.
  4. ecfcandy

    Alex Russell

    interesting, he has just signed for Yeovil Town from Bath City....
  5. ecfcandy

    Disgraceful Scenes at Home Park

    sounds like i had the same sort of expereince as you! in the carpark outside the ground was horrible! people were just mindlessly runnibg around tearing the place up etc...
  6. ecfcandy

    Disgraceful Scenes at Home Park

    i think this is an excellent idea! if we all had a quick exit trouble would surely be avoided!
  7. ecfcandy

    Tisdales 5 worse signings....

    not sure whether saunders should be in the top5. he had a great spell during our league 2 promotion campaign, would loved to have seen him play fully fit before his injury when he first joined us!
  8. ecfcandy

    Dean Moxey - What A Legend!

    Good work deano! keep going!!
  9. ecfcandy

    Sercombe : Harley : Dunne

    i was having this conversation earlier! im loving watching the three of them play every week! dunne's tackle and assisit for logie today was brilliant!
  10. ecfcandy


    I think its a combination of the two. with Harley on top form and everyone generally improving, it is making it easier for our strikers. However having four strikers, all scoring goals, competing aginst each other is giving them great competition over a starting place. i think its bringing the...
  11. ecfcandy

    Our Next Goal Celebration

    and from the same team!
  12. ecfcandy

    Our Next Goal Celebration

    This is hilarious!
  13. ecfcandy

    What song are You listening to Right Now???

    Welocome home by radical face
  14. ecfcandy

    Wenger calls for penalty rules change

    i couldn't agree more! This is a ridiculous claim from Wenger, deliberatly kicking the ball at a defenders hand?? come on!!
  15. ecfcandy

    hereford united v exeter city matchday thread

    Come on city! nice win tonight is hopefully on the cards!
  16. ecfcandy

    Duffy or Troy?

    Big fan of both Troy and Duffy, would have to go for Duffy on this seasons performances though, he has been class!
  17. ecfcandy

    Last thing you watched on TV

    Watched the Inbetweeners! very funny
  18. ecfcandy


    All these contenders for MOTM! what a time for city! :D
  19. ecfcandy


    Am i the only one who thought he deserved man of the match today? solid at the back and he created the goal. thought he was outstanding today!
  20. ecfcandy

    Over Two Thousand More

    Another example of decent english coming from a argiggle fan there!