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  1. Antony Moxey

    Famous people at the Park

    While bored stupid by today‘s first half display, and noticing once again Ade Edmonson was missing from his usual seat, my mind wandered to thinking about famous people who’ve been at the Park. I was also wondering who would be considered to be the most famous and have narrowed it down to two...
  2. Antony Moxey

    Homegrown eleven.

    Given the number of academy graduates that have made the first team over the years, what would be our best eleven of homegrown players currently still playing? I’ll go: Pym Friend, Ampadu, Storey, JMT Deano, Sercombe, Grimes, Watkins Jay, Nichols I’m sure there must be alternatives that...
  3. Antony Moxey

    One to choose No. 12

    Usual rules apply: has to be one or other, no neithers, no alternatives, no missing out. Make your choice: 1. France or Spain (holidays) 2. France or Spain (food) 3. France or Spain (cars) 4. France or Spain (architecture) 5. France or Spain (football) 6. Germany or Italy (holidays) 7. Germany...
  4. Antony Moxey

    Yay or Nay No. 23456

    For your delectation I give you the US ambassador to the UN: Nikki Haley. I’d be happy for her to argue my case any day:
  5. Antony Moxey

    Yay or Nay No. 12345

    Rather than pandering to the professionally offended, I present to you Sarah Keith-Lucas, BBC Breakfast weather presenter. A far more agreeable presenter than the dreadful Carole Kirkwood I’d suggest:
  6. Antony Moxey

    Undisclosed fee

    It's been posted elsewhere that Ollie Watkins' fee was 'undisclosed' at the request of Brentford, and apparently Matt Grimes fee was undisclosed at the request of Swansea. Now we have Wheeler's fee listed as 'undisclosed' too, again at the request of the buying club? So is this, as Jase...
  7. Antony Moxey

    Ignoring threads.

    When I'm browsing the forums I normally only click the 'new posts' button rather than looking up specific forums and threads. This, however, presents its own problems in that it includes threads I have no interest in which have been posted in since my last visit. For instance, the popular music...
  8. Antony Moxey

    What's your favourite?

    A bunch of randoms for a footy-free Saturday. So what's your favourite: 1) Band? 2) Holiday destination? 3) Car that you've owned? 4) Clothing brand? 5) Sport other than football? 6) Country? 7) Meal? 8) Drink (alcoholic)? 9) Drink (non alcoholic)? 10) Building? Enjoy!
  9. Antony Moxey

    When was the last time...

    Haven't done one of these for a while so here's a dozen randoms for you. When was the last time you... 1. went to a sporting event that you paid for that wasn't football? 2. saw a woman naked (in real life - no pornhub nonsense please)? 3. bought something that cost more than your monthly...
  10. Antony Moxey


    That's our home record for the last five seasons from 2011/12 when we were relegated from L1 to the end of last season: P115 W35 D39 L41 A 30% win record over the last five seasons. 30%. So basically we win less than one in three home games. Not just this season, not just last, but for five...
  11. Antony Moxey

    Tisdale to...

    Can you just post the club here instead of starting a new 'Tisdale to' thread every time a manager is sacked? It'd save tiresome threads being started each week that stopped being funny a long time ago.
  12. Antony Moxey


    MC at Wigan tonight, Wigan player goes down in the box from what looks like a push in the back. Summariser opines: that'd be a free kick outside the box, but it's never a penalty this early in the game. Err, what??? Oh yeah, ref waved play on, despite it being card-waiting-to-happen Gareth...
  13. Antony Moxey


    So, anyone else off then? :D
  14. Antony Moxey


    So how many City shirts do you own? Was having a clear out last night and counted 19, including a couple of signed ones from Deano from when I used to sponsor him and one from the whole team. I think as well there are only two seasons when I got home and away ones too, and for the first time...
  15. Antony Moxey

    Easy like Sunday morning...

    1) Lie in or up and at 'em? 2) Wake the missus up for a bit of how's yer father or leave her asleep? 3) Full English or cereal? 4) Sport in the papers or sport on the telly? 5) Doss around the house or off out somewhere? Usual rules apply: either/or, no alternatives, no boths, no neithers, no...
  16. Antony Moxey

    Lewis Hamilton:

    bit of a tit, or perhaps just try too hard at the moment? The last couple of Grands Prix have seen a number of incidents involving Hamilton that seem to have been avoidable - today's with Button a case in point. Knowing the gap was always getting smaller and that Button was never going to pull...
  17. Antony Moxey

    The next step

    Given this season we'll finish between 7th and 9th - potentially our highest ever league finish, and potentially our closest ever finish to the play-offs and possibly Championship football, what do we need to do to make that step to achieve second tier football? We've had a few rickets along...
  18. Antony Moxey


    Ian Holloway after Blackpool's 2-0 defeat in the FA Cup at Southampton yesterday: The fans were singing 'Premiership, you're having a laugh'. Well yes I am having a laugh, and loving being in the Premiership. Perhaps they should show a little bit more respect, or perhaps it's just that we're a...
  19. Antony Moxey

    Red and White Card

    Yes I really did miss what it's all about and that's why I'm asking now: the Red and White card that came with my season ticket - what's that all about then?
  20. Antony Moxey

    Didier Drogba

    Does he represent all that is wrong with football today (despite his outstanding talent)?