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  1. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    Football League fixture machine

    Scheduling north v south games on Tuesday 28th december was stupid. We all said it back in the summer, and now I feel we've been proved right. People are displaced at Christmas. It's the depth of winter. Travel isnt always easy at this time of year. Whilst keeping the schedule more localised...
  2. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    The pitch - Some facts

    Just got back from a second day of works party fun. Here are some facts according to experts I spoke to: The covers have been on the pitch since Saturday Covers can stay on the pitch for up to 10 days. The grass will not die. Snow was on the pitch (insulating it) until yesterday. Most of it is...
  3. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    SJP in the snow

    Taken through the away end gate just now.. If someone could directly link to the image itself please. I can't do it on my phone...
  4. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    Dot Netter turns Grecian

    Shock pictures of Dot Net's* "JoeBarlow" and Exewebber "Torquay_No.1" - He has turned to the correct team finally...... *Yes I'm aware the TUFC forum has moved and is called something else or other....
  5. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    Calling any NDGs - next Sunday 21st Nov

    I'm looking to do red and white Sunday from Barnstaple (or nearby) next Sunday. This ties in nicely with me doing a show on the Voice 106 from 3-6pm ahead of the Barnstaple Christmas lights switch on (yes it is a very showbiz life I lead) Are there any north devon based supporters who want to...
  6. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    Get in the mood for the match - Red & White Lite

    It's been online since last night, but would make a great listen just before you go to SJP this weekend - It's online here First 5 minutes is a recording (bleeps and all) taken at Full Time at Home Park. Might bring a few tingles hearing back that atmos and elation. Tis and Nardiello also...
  7. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    James Dunne - Run and run

    Short and sweet thread. For a string of games now, Dunney has impressed me hugely with his workrate and now he seems to have his own unique role in the team of hassling the oppo, breaking up play, looking menacing and generally firing up himself and those around him. And I like it. A lot...
  8. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    Red & White Sunday - See you at SJP this weekend

    Firstly, your last chance to hear some interesting stuff from Richard Logan.. here - In a relaxed atmosphere at home last week, he really gave us a good insight into his relationship with Tis, how he gels with his team mates, and how he has a backup plan in case he fails to secure a new contract...
  9. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    Free gig - Fri 1st Oct - Embezzlers

    Details here: Facebook event link Lemonrock event link Of "Rougemont Rocks" fame in the summer when they pitched in for City, my Dad and his group of ska and 2 tone loving band mates are set for a free gig at the Mount Radford in St Leonards, 8:30pm on Friday 1st October. They have had some...
  10. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    Happy Birthday... Grecian Greg!

    Grecian Greg is now ecfc's newest programme seller (keep up the good work) and is a big big fan of radio at his school station too. Have a top day mate and remember you get extra points today if you run over any old people. Don't go blaming it on the chauffeur this time ;)
  11. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    John and Di (EDGs)

    An emotional day here at sjp and it's been lovely to see everyone from all walks of life, and many parts of the uk, showing their thoughts for Adam and the family. I'd like to say a particular well done to John and Di who got here early this morning, and all day have been comforting people who...
  12. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    Saturday night gig

    If Oasish isn't your thing (is anyone from Exeweb NOT going to this??) my Dad and his band have a FREE gig at the Mount Radford this Saturday night, 8:30. They do ska and 2 tone - Stuff like The Selecter / Specials / The Beat / Jimmy Cliff / Desmond Dekker...
  13. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    Radio show is 1 hour EARLY this week

    Yes yes, we can get all jokes about me being premature out of the way now please, and thank you. I am live from Lakeview Manor near Dunkeswell this Saturday from 11am (it's where our £10k Dream Wedding Final is happening).. From MIDDAY UNTIL 1PM is your Red and White Radio Show, live from...
  14. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    Leave your voicemail of support for Adam

    Hi all If you want to leave a message of support on our voicemail for Adam and his family, we'll play them out this Saturday on the Red and White Radio show on Exeter FM. Just a few words to show him how much the fans are backing him in his new battle. 07872 469434 Let's show Stanno we're all...
  15. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    Special 89/90 radio show this week

    Thought I'd do a new thread as there's a special this week. Scott Hiley in the studio talking about the big reunion. Shaun Taylor assesses the difference between football in 89/90, and in 2010 Mark Tyler with the Story of the Season (written by Exeweb's very own RaWZ) Clips and memories of that...
  16. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    Stay up easily or bite your fingernails off?

    An interesting discussion with a pal yesterday (I think). I'll give you 2 choices, which will YOU take? 1. With 3 games left, City miraculously secure another season in League One. The fans are happy, the club is happy, Gillingham are happy (in the knowledge they'll see us again next year for...
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    Weekly Red & White Podcast, from Exeter FM

    Hi guys, rather than create new threads each week, I shall just bring this thread to the top each Friday, when a new Podcast is loaded HERE It's a home match tomorrow so you may wish to listen to the show go out at the Red Square (Saturdays 1pm, on Exeter FM 107.3 or online at
  18. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    Podcast MILLWALL away (Win tickets to next home game)

    This week we're teaming up with Coca Cola to give away 5 sets of family tickets to the Flybe Stand for the Stockport game. (4 tickets per winner, can ALL be used by adults if needs be). Answer my question via text: 07803 81 33 03. Lines open until 9am Monday and it's a standard message charge...
  19. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    Ladies game is at 1:30pm today

    v Exeter Phoenix. Playing at Wonford Sports Centre. I can't make this one, but have fun if you do go. I saw our right back yesterday, pushing a kitchen trolley through to hospitality. That'll make Credy feel better about their role within the club ;) Good luck girls Joe
  20. t.a.f.k.a.g.g.

    A podcast is a radio show you can listen to when you like

    You download it, listen to it when it suits you (on the move etc), and hopefully you enjoy it. Mine is all about ECFC each week and you can download it HERE I must say a huge THANKYOU to those who listen regularly. The latest listening figures show "a pleasing increase in male listening at 1pm...