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  1. Antony Moxey

    Exeter City v Crawley Town Matchday Thread (7pm kick off)

    Being on the ball, I’ve only noticed today that it’s a 7:00pm kick off. Out of curiosity has there been any reasoning behind this, I note too a number of other City games seem to be having kick off times brought forward.
  2. Antony Moxey

    Tiverton Town offer to City fans

    Prove it how?
  3. Antony Moxey

    Tiverton Town offer to City fans

    Sorry to keep on, but what confirmation email?
  4. Antony Moxey

    Tiverton Town offer to City fans

    Why? The OP mentioned it, so what card is it he’s expecting ST holders to produce?
  5. Antony Moxey

    European super league...

    Unless there’s proper promotion and relegation I can’t see this going as well as they’d like. Already all over social media fans have said they don’t want their teams involved, and if this league is a genuine breakaway league then I’m not sure it’s going to be the money spinner they hoped for...
  6. Antony Moxey

    Tiverton Town offer to City fans

    Production of what card? Season ticket holders don’t have any cards.
  7. Antony Moxey

    Premier League to assist lower leagues

    Yes. ‘Who do you support?’ ’Exeter City’ ’Yes but who do you support in the Premier League?’ Can‘t tell you how many times I’ve had that conversation.
  8. Antony Moxey

    UK Lockdown

    Haha, it has a certain logic to it!
  9. Antony Moxey

    Premier League to assist lower leagues

    Yeah but which TV money? PL TV money or money from the big clubs that negotiate their own deals? It could be a case of 10% (figure plucked from the air) of quite a big TV rights deal, or 25% of a substantially reduced TV deal because all of the big earners have their own individual deals.
  10. Antony Moxey

    Last film watched..

    American Sniper is six years old, it hardly needs spoiler alerts. Although I do realise for some on here that means it's a latest release. Besides that it's complete *****, so those who haven't seen it yet should find something else to watch instead.
  11. Antony Moxey

    More than five to choose, TV Edition. Part 1

    Good work DB9 Westward TV/TSW/Westcountry/Carlton/ITV (ITV in its different forms) Westward Diary/TSW Today/Westcountry Live Mark Tyler Ruth Langsford Ian Stirling Kenneth MacLeod Ron Bendall Ted Tuckerman
  12. Antony Moxey

    Little things that amuse you

    My wife’s family always say ‘down’ to Bude when they’re going there.
  13. Antony Moxey

    Exeter City Women 2020/21 Season

    So is there a chance she could turn pro, or is our women’s side too far down the pyramid for that?
  14. Antony Moxey

    Southend United V Exeter City FC Matchday thread - 10 / 10 / 2020

    Only seen the highlights but those were two quality finishes for our goals, and who doesn’t love that one of them was in the 95th minute?
  15. Antony Moxey

    Exeter City Women 2020/21 Season

    Well done Harris, pleased for both you and your daughter. It’s a rare honour to be given the world famous red and white stripes in an official capacity, you must both be very proud. How old is she?
  16. Antony Moxey

    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Serves him right: three ugly fouls one of which led to England’s second goal. Been average at best for me, which I guess you must be if you can’t get in the Sheffield United starting eleven.
  17. Antony Moxey

    Exmouth Town FC

    Tory boy? Grow up with the childish insults. As for Tory bashing, your post #54 is exactly that, with the insinuation that he's after some sort of glory. And for the record, I didn't vote for him.
  18. Antony Moxey

    Exmouth Town FC

    Where does he imply he's done anything. Perhaps, as those clubs' MP, he's just happy to report that they've got financial support? Does everything with you need a Tory bashing slant on it?
  19. Antony Moxey

    Swindon Town v Exeter City EFL Trophy. Match Day Thread

    Or the fear of bouncing up and down to punk tunes.
  20. Antony Moxey

    What date will we be back watching live football at SJP Thread.

    How do they know that the cases in schools, workplaces (isn't a pub a workplace) and care homes didn't originate in hospitality? And 0 in sports stadia? Well then keeping them closed is obviously working, isn't it?