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  1. RyanPugh

    Play off Semi Final 1st Leg - Lincoln Away (12th May)

    All confirmed now! Safe to say I'm already nervous, but bring it on! How many will we take to this one?
  2. RyanPugh

    Newport Away - Monday 1st January

    Clap clap on train, south stand available to buy tickets for this time around.
  3. RyanPugh

    Mansfield Away - Sat October 28th

    Clap clap on train for this one (y)
  4. RyanPugh

    "Youngsters will be given a chance over new signing" Tis stating what I feared, we seem to be relying on breakthrough players, like Jack Sparkes. As much as he may be our next upcoming youngster, we clearly need additions, not just to replace Ollie, but to make our midfield...
  5. RyanPugh

    Swindon Away - Sat 12th August

    First away game of the season, clap clap from me How many going then?
  6. RyanPugh

    Exeter v Colchester Prediction Thread

    3rd home win in a row? The 2 in form teams currently, should be a cracker. 2-1 win, Reid & Wheeler Attendance should be around 4,500.
  7. RyanPugh

    Newport Away

    Will complete a full set of away games within a month. Can't say I'm expecting too much from the ground - will be my first visit.
  8. RyanPugh

    Yeovil Away

    Clap clap again(y)
  9. RyanPugh

    Morecambe Away - 29th October

    Had to choose between Barnet & Morecambe, as I'm stingy, Morecambe is cheaper, and therefore the choice.
  10. RyanPugh

    Exeter City V Hull City Official Matchday Thread

    My first one, good omen perhaps? Upset is on the cards!
  11. RyanPugh

    Pineapple on Pizza?!

    Beyond me how this became debatable on social media - it's a yes from me..:)
  12. RyanPugh

    Official Table Prediction Thread 2016/17

    Time for another table prediction thread, I'll just keep the rules the same as last season. For each position you're out, you gain 1 point so if I predict Colchester to finish 10th, and they finish 13th, I gain 3 points. The aim is to have the least amount of points. My (probably inaccurate)...
  13. RyanPugh


    As much as play-offs isn't completely out of the question - another season in League 2 is likely. Thoughts on summer transfers, and changes needed for next season?
  14. RyanPugh

    New Football League App + "intechnologyWiFi"

    Saw this article on City's website, a new app plus integrated WiFi inside stadiums. Could this worsen atmosphere if people can use their phones constantly?
  15. RyanPugh

    Yeovil Away - Saturday 9th April

    My first away game, can't wait to go, just wondering about the best way to go about things once in Yeovil, considering both stations are 3-5 miles from Huish Park.
  16. RyanPugh


    Sitting in 3rd, having played 2 games more than Accrington, assuming they won both games - a 2 point gap. Hoping they bottle it, go into play-off and lose again - would be extra sweet considering the amount of times I've heard "Have fun in League 2 next year"
  17. RyanPugh

    Champions League - Round of 16

    Who do you think will make it through? With Benfica and PSG already winning their 1st legs against Zenit and Chelsea respectively.
  18. RyanPugh

    Newport Prediction Thread

    Bit early, but quite the honor to start a prediction thread ;) If we lose this, I really don't think we can make play-offs. I predict a close 2-1 win, with Grant and Stockley scoring. Attendance: 4,569
  19. RyanPugh

    Stevenage Away - Sat 27th Feb

    Not going to this one, but seeing as a Crawley thread's been made, thought the nearest away game should have it's thread too.
  20. RyanPugh

    Plymouth's named 'best South West City'

    Exeter Councillor makes surprising comments after Plymouth's named 'best South West city'