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    Team for FGR Tuesday ( and other build up)

    I think Seymour maybe infront of Ajose. Would be nice to see Diabate get game time as I suspect he could do well.
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    Nicky Ajose

    Our Manager signed so should take responsibility for sorting the situation out. It's not the first time this has happened with him and s player he has signed . Not good.
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    Exeter City vs Taunton Town. PSF. 6pm kick off

    I think mid table may be a bit optimistic.
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    Squad Numbers 2020/21

    30 is still a lot of professionals nails to have on the books. Doesn't seem much room for additions. Unless some move on.
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    Ben Chrisene

    You do wonder. This has happened to Ethan Ampadu, Jay Stanfield and now Ben Chrisene.
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    Ollie Watkins

    Win, win for City. I like it.
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    Former Players

    Congratulations to Weymouth and Mark Moseley on gaining promotion to the National League. COYT.
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    Ollie Watkins

    Need a Need a $ky subscription though.
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    Alex Hartridge

    Good luck to Alex and Bath City.
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    A blessing in disguise that we failed to get promoted

    I agree. I think that Thursday night was a huge disappointment, which the club and management team will take a while to get over. Much worse than the previous two Wembley defeats.
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    2019/20 Retained List.

    Wishful thinking!
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    Exeter City v Northampton Town - League 2 Playoff Final at Wembley Stadium

    Randell Williams is too good for us. I feel sorry for him playing with some of our players.
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    Exeter City v Northampton Town - League 2 Playoff Final at Wembley Stadium

    Not turned up so far. Need to change it.
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    Football Focus

    In fairness Lee Holmes hasn’t been training for about 16 months!
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    Team for Monday vs Colchester

    Anybody in the team but Dickensian. He gave the goal away. Deano is much better.
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    Next season’s squad

    I do find it very hard to believe, particularly in the current circumstances that anyone could even consider giving Lee Holmes a new contract. He has certainly been a good player for us in the past. But his time has come and gone.
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    Next season’s squad

    Would be suprised to see Dean Moxey retained.
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    Cool Fun Unlimited - new ep of The Big Bank Theory Podcast

    Another excellent podcast. Thank you lads for taking the time to record and post them.