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  1. flackys_gunna_get_ya

    Let's all laugh at Argyle

    90+4 Oh dear lads you're going down with a whimper
  2. flackys_gunna_get_ya

    Shirts & Scarfs (The Siege of Carlisle!)

    I was thinking it would be great if we could get as many people to come out in city shirts or at least red or white tops to the game against Carlisle and to dig out as many scarves as we can it. I know I have plenty of scarves hanging around that are City related that I have never worn but...
  3. flackys_gunna_get_ya

    citysnumner14shirt - my blog

    Hi guys, Here's the deal I was told off last time for the 'I Got Bored' title as it didn't really explain anything. So instead I am going to use this as a link to my new Exeter City/Football based blog and everything I add I will list on here with regular updates. Hopefully you'll find it...
  4. flackys_gunna_get_ya

    I got bored....

    last week without city playing and made a blog, not sure how long this will last and if you have seen my posts I tend to get a bit carried away at times. Anyway hope you like but if not its no real loss to me I'm actually having a surprising amount of fun. Home page...