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  1. older-codger

    Too many average midfielders.

    I would move Dean as a defensive midfielder, replacing Atangana, with Parkes at CB. Caprice, when he is fit, coming in at right back and Key replacing Taylor.
  2. older-codger


    Not tried it on my phone. Mirroring didn't work from either my laptop (Mac) or my iPad. HDMI connection from the laptop.
  3. older-codger


    I had tried mirroring for the Bristol match - didn't work !
  4. older-codger


    No problem at all for me. Logged on through the ECFC web site, HDMI link to TV and full screen uninterrupted view of the match from start to finish. Well satisfied
  5. older-codger

    The BBC

    I doubt very much whether a limited company would survive with a turnover of around £5,000 p.a. Maybe a profit of that amount could be achieved with some creative accounting but I can't see for the life of me why anyone would want to work in a limited company with income of less than £100 per...
  6. older-codger


    Still not received my code - leaving it a bit late! Have emailed but no response yet.
  7. older-codger

    Bring back Aaron Martin thread!

    Bear in mind that both had been told they were leaving so it's no surprise
  8. older-codger

    Nicky Ajose

    Maybe if/when Ollie moves, use some of the money to agree a figure with the 2 unwanted to buy up their contracts releasing salary to get someone who is wanted?
  9. older-codger

    Welcome Lewis Page

    Confirmed today. Looked good against Truro that was the only time that I had seen him.
  10. older-codger

    What year did you first watch or take a interest in The Grecians ?

    Difficult one really as favourite doesn't necessarily equal successful. Possibly the 50's when I was just keen on football for the game and money wasn't the driving factor, with the players playing more for the love of the game and there were more characters. Championship season was good for...
  11. older-codger

    What year did you first watch or take a interest in The Grecians ?

    February 1948. Went to see the great Tommy Lawton playing for Notts Co. Sat on the wall between the Big Bank and the Cowshed. Big disappointment as Tommy was ill and didn't play!
  12. older-codger

    Transfer Rumours 2020

    Got was a total no-no when I was taught English language. You don't "get" (or "getten?") you become hungry. Get means to obtain possession. Simple " I would have been hungry if I hadn't eaten that big slab of cheese".
  13. older-codger

    Transfer Rumours 2020

    Substantial fee for Chrisene has been agreed
  14. older-codger

    Ollie Watkins

    I do wonder whether Ollie lets the pressure of key games to get to him. By his own admission he didn't perform for us at Wembley and by all accounts didn't perform in the pressure games when promotion depended on it.
  15. older-codger

    Matt Taylor - What do we think so far?

    After over 71 years of watching City, I would suggest that the only way that you can judge just how far we have come is to recognise how poor we have been in the past. To think that for 3 years out of 4 we have been within one match of promotion was a fantasy dream for most of my years. It is...
  16. older-codger

    Team for Wembley?

    Just to be pedantic - it is 6656 square metres and 7140 square metres. 6656 x 6656 and 7140 x 7140 is one heck of a pitch to play on! :)
  17. older-codger

    UK Lockdown

    Don't bank on it! Following FMD I was engaged to head an emergency preparedness unit for one of Defra divisions. After about a year, the then minister (and a very local MP) was approached for on-going funding and his response was "I'm not going to spend money on something that we may not need"
  18. older-codger

    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    If you want to use hypothetical figures then you may as well compare it to the population of just over 60 million. The proportion of the population contracting flu to the effect that it is fatal =8000 in 60 mill in this country. The total deaths from coronavirus in China is 3189 in a...
  19. older-codger

    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    Pardon? I didn't use maths - only quoted apparent facts
  20. older-codger

    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    If it is 10,000 as quoted by the chief scientific officer, then it can't be affecting the vast majority of the people too badly if they aren't actually even looking for treatment. Interesting also that he quoted in the same interview that 8,000 had died from flu this season. 8,000 actual...