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  1. Rosencrantz

    Women's Football (General Chat)

    Let's have an attempt at keeping the City Women thread to all things City related and have women's football in general chat here. Good idea?
  2. Rosencrantz

    Covers Better Than The Original

    Following up Ali's TV and Movie remakes thread, what cover songs do you like better than the original? There are plenty to choose from so I will kick off with - Satisfaction by Devo I always like a cover that takes the original to a different place.
  3. Rosencrantz

    F1 2020

    Just starting the thread in anticipation of the Austria Pt II round of the season for discussion to avoid the TV thread for the few and myself that are interested. Others are free to say how boring it is/not as good as Fangio v Moss etc ;). Main talking points of the week so far; Ferrari...
  4. Rosencrantz

    Goal Of The Season 2019/20

    Good couple of goals by Nicky Law. I quite like MJ's jink and left footer in to the top corner. But is anyone going to say their favourite goal isn't Randell's?
  5. Rosencrantz

    Youth Training Compensation

    Maybe Taggy will be getting a bit more support at EFL meetings from a bigger team who are still small beer in Premier League terms it seems.
  6. Rosencrantz

    Grecian Group Meeting

    Good idea to put this out. Might be a good thing to do going forward.
  7. Rosencrantz

    City Moments You Wished You Could See Again

    Any specific memorable City moments that you cannot revisit on YouTube or anywhere. I'll kick off with Mark Robson's overhead kick against Burnley. I've not seen it since but it holds in my mind as a thing of beauty and the first time I had seen a City player score from such an attempt.
  8. Rosencrantz

    Stay Well in Arizona Pete

    I'm guessing you don't go to nail bars but take care. It's worrying world wide but the US seems to be in a state with no central point of focus. Not exactly surprising under Trump...
  9. Rosencrantz

    Sky Bet City Vids

    For those who don't go on City's Twitter, it looks like Sky Bet visited the C&F recently and have released a couple of amusing vids.
  10. Rosencrantz

    Best City Loan XI*

    *Cannot include any players who have signed permanently for City before or after their loan spells (ie no George Friend or Jayden Stockley). I'll kick off with; Ben Hamer Jack Stacey Dara O'Shea Gary Sawyer Angus MacPherson Lee Hodges Steve Tupling Simon Milton Craig Noone Gary Alexander...