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    Youngsters to get their chance with some players told they're free to leave Given the squad now comprises mainly of youngsters, it's difficult to guess who Matty T might be referring to. Not hard to imagine Nicky Ajose might have been told he's surplus to requirements...
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    Unhappy endings

    Was just thinking, if, as seems likely, this season is over, then there are going to be one or two Grecian stalwarts who will have played their last game for the club and who we won't have the opportunity to bid a fond farewell. :-(
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    Every cloud...

    Just read the news that Cath Kidston are closing all their shops. It occurs to me that when all this is over – and I fully appreciate that's some way off just yet – there are going to be lots of empty...
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    Virtual Grand National sweepstake

    Given the dearth of sporting action, was just wondering if anyone else might be interested in a sweepstake on Saturday's big race. I was thinking in terms of £10 per ticket, with the prize money divvied up...
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    Grecians 1 Chiefs 0

    Given it's not entirely unknown for posters to come on here suggesting we might learn a lesson or two from the Chiefs, thought this story was worth sharing: Can't help thinking the comment from the Chiefs' media...
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    Flares, flights and intel: How police stopped violence on Devon derby day

    I should declare an interest - this was written by a good pal of mine - but, IMO, it’s a properly good read:
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    Moxey and O'Shea

    Frankly, I've lost track of how many different centre-half pairings we have tried this season. However, for my money, the most successful, by some considerable distance, has been Moxey and O'Shea. Indeed, I'd go as fas as to say the two of 'em were imperious over the turn of the year. What is...
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    Watching tonight’s game on iFollow

    I’m slightly disadvantaged at the minute on account of Virgin Media’s inability to sort their 5hit, meaning I have no internet access. :-( That being the case was hoping someone could tell me whether I can subscribe somewhere to watch tonight’s game on iFollow and, assuming I can, how I might...
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    Calling PeteUSA!

    Seems we have a vacancy for a goalkeeping coach: Surely there's only one man for this job! ;-)
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    Free coach travel to Wembley

    I was lucky enough to bag a free ticket for one of the Zeelo coaches heading to Wembley on Monday, but am now travelling by car. That being the case, if anyone else would like the ticket – it's in electronic format so I can email it to you – just let me know and it's yours. The coach departs...
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    Have a pint on me!

    Haven't read the small print, but it seems if you download the Greene King app you can get a free drink at The Torch on Monday: Cheers Egg
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    Exeter City and the Sport of Kings

    Firstly, I appreciate that, technically, this post probably belongs elsewhere. However, given it's Exeter City related and, moreover, I'm trying to gauge interest for something it would be really helpful if, in the first instance at least, it was allowed to remain here. I know a good few City...
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    Seven Championship players who should interest Premier League clubs: Ollie Watkins

    From: The only player to rank among the top 10 in the league for dribbles (65, fifth), key passes (54, third) and shots (83, first), Ollie Watkins has taken to the Championship...
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    Sky Sports: Ethan Ampadu impressing at Chelsea after rapid rise from Exeter

    An excellent piece on the Sky Sports website today: As an aside, I reckon we'll know a bit more about where Ethan's immediate future lies after tonight's Carabao Cup semi-final...
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    Exeter Chiefs generating 500k at every home game

    Thought there were some interesting figures, especially around matchday income, in this article:
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    So, who does Tis think is our most skilful player?

    The answer is in here and will, I think, surprise you: That aside, think this is a fab video – I especially enjoyed the bit in which the three lads offer Tis some advice on picking the team – and all credit to the club's media boys who are producing...
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    David Goodwillie: Not a proper chap Imagine this ain't the kinda news you're hoping for on the eve of one of the biggest games in your history.
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    Exeter City Supporters Trust chairman on life at SJP and completing the 92

    Interesting column from Trust chair Martin Weiler, filling in for David Wheeler, in tomorrow's Echo:
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    Paul Tisdale contemplates career in business not football after Exeter City I've no doubt this will prompt all the usual criticisms, some entirely justified, but, be that as it may, I thought this was an interesting piece.
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    Banning order for entering the field of play 'disproportionate'

    This is an interesting one.... a City fan runs onto the pitch during the Argyle game, but escapes a banning order because the magistrates decide it would be 'disproportionate':