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  1. older-codger

    Welcome Lewis Page

    Confirmed today. Looked good against Truro that was the only time that I had seen him.
  2. older-codger

    "Losing sucks. I'm really bad at it."

    Hope Solo - USA Women's goalkeeper
  3. older-codger

    Starting the match

    Am I to understand that the rules for kick-off have been changed? The rule was always that the ball had to move forward by its circumference before being touched by another player. For years the kick off has not been valid under the rules since the receiving player always stands offside, but...
  4. older-codger

    How good is Exeweb's player judgement?

    Just a few weeks ago, Exeweb was full of praise for Jayden Stockley with demands that he be signed permanently as he was the answer our prayers. 3 goals in his first 2 games and he was seen as a great find. He has failed to score since and from games that I have seen, has never seemed likely...
  5. older-codger

    So - who should have been sent off?
  6. older-codger

    Grimes Player of the Season

    it seems ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    Is Football losing its appeal?

    I watched my first game at SJP in February 1948 – 56 years ago this month, expecting to see Tommy Lawton play for Notts Co (he didn’t!). Over these years of supporting ECFC through good years (very few) and bad (all too many) I have never questioned my enthusiasm for football, I am now...
  8. older-codger

    Ken Baker RIP

    I posted this on the Obituary thread but it has been suggested (and I fully agree) that Ken deserves a thread on his own rather being lost among numerous dubious "celebrities". Ken was a stalwart back-room worker for the club for almost as long as I can remember and was for many years the first...
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    Warning - Fli

    Having had a payment of £42.99 taken from my bank account as PM-Fli-GBP Feltham that I could not recognise, I have done some research and it would appear to be Football League Interactive - i.e. a subscription to Grecian Player. Since I have not subscribed to GP for 3 years I am rather annoyed...
  10. older-codger

    Who am I?

    In a somewhat puerile attempt to score points, Right Wing gave my name in a post followed by a confirmation by a member of the new Exeweb steering committee. Since there were only 2 or 3 people who actually knew my identity, I can only surmise where RW obtained his information. I can confirm...
  11. older-codger

    Warming up

    It appears that Oakley may no be fit to play again during his current loan spell due to a thigh strain. In addition, Bauza is out with his hamstring and Krysiak also has a thigh strain. This kind of injury is often the result of poor warming up. Maybe the pre-match preparations need looking at?
  12. older-codger

    Argyle Takeover cost

    I would love to see some figures of exactly how much the "Saviour" has actually paid for them. Given that PCC has contributed 1.6 million, there are gate receipts to date of around 800K plus other match day income, there doesn't appear to be much other cash required. The payments to creditors...
  13. older-codger

    Danny Woodards

    With Woodards not in the MK squad last Saturday, it set me wondering where he is now. He was released at the end of the season as he wouldn't agree a contract (sounds familiar) but would appear t be still a free agent. Anyone know if he has another club?
  14. older-codger

    County Show

    The Chiefs have a stand at the County Show but didn't see one for ECFC. Is this a lost opportunity?
  15. older-codger

    Best striking partnership?

    I know people on here don't rate Logie, but for me, he and Cureton are the best striking partnership that we have. Cureton and O'Flynn just doesn't work as they are too similar and tend to occupy the same space. O'Flynn works better with Nardiello. In the early part of the season, Cureton and...
  16. older-codger

    Ridsdale out

    According to late Spotlight news, PR has left the day to day running at Argyle due to "differences with other board members". Where do they go now?
  17. older-codger

    What a contrast!

    Headlines of two contrasting articles on consecutive pages in today's "Times": "Plymouth woes made in Japan" Tisdale fashions a bright future for Exeter fans"
  18. older-codger

    Could ECFC be sold?

    It would appear that the board pf Liverpool FC are able to sell the club over the heads and against the wishes of the majority shareholders (and owners) of the club, with the independant Chairman apparently doing the deal. Not that I think it would happen but does this mean that the board of...
  19. older-codger

    Car Park Indicators - What's the point?

    Drove into town this morning. Passing indicator at top of Heavitree noted "Priincesshay CP - 240 spaces" Paris St. roundabout noted - "Princesshay CP - 497 spaces"... (thinks ...257 cars left while I drove non-stop from Heavitree to Paris St - must have all gone a different way since there...
  20. older-codger

    EXETER City do not need to recruit a prolific goalscorer this summer,

    according to player-coach Marcus Stewart. (E&E) OOPS DELETE, DELETE DELETE - SEE targets thread!