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    Ian sells his soul

    I think the only reason Porkus prefers Ridsdale to buckets is that he knows that the buckets wouldn't work at Argyle. Let's face it, we have good, genuine, hard-working and loyal fans at Exeter and when the sh1t hit the fan, we reacted. Argyle have a bunch of apathetic plastics who when it...
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    Indeed, in addition there were over 9,500 watching Premiership rugby. Luckily for us I am sure that for those that crossed over, the novelty will soon wear off. I'm guessing that Torquay also have a succesful side in another sport, if not there can be absolutely no excuses for their awful...
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    Torquay Maths Lesson. FACT.

    Quite right! Torquay have now won a whopping 3 games!!! They're as good as promoted. 8-) Obviously lessons about premature bragging have not been learnt since the 2007-2008 season. TUFC: Below us in the football league.
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    Trouble in town

    Would just like to confirm that the incident outside the Odeon was 100% NOT football related. Calm people, calm.. :)
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    Forget Man Utd and Chelsea

    Congratulations Torquay!!! When is the open top bus booked for? From all at Exeter, we really hope you enjoy your promotion party.
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    Adam Stansfield 1978-2010

    Stanno was everything anyone could ever ask as a player. Hard-working, courageous, tireless and honest. The effort and intesity he played with were second to none and it's no wonder why we, the fans, took him to our hearts. If at the start of any game, we could have picked one player to have a...
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    Technically I think it's a fetish for pointing out your fetishes fetish. We have a cathedral.
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    skysports Predicted table....

    Problem is Pete, we are no longer a big fish in a small pond. We don't have the first 'dibs' on the players who are available at our level anymore and as a result we have to take a couple of risks with regards to injured players and youth. We finished 18th last season and only when/if we find...
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    This man.......

    I heard he got his Harley for free, did it up a bit and now is flogging it for huge profit. Good bit of business.
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    Top 10 City players who had potential but we didnt see enough of?

    Sorry, when i say 'hardly a failure' I meant in comparison to the likes of Holloway and Breslan who showed as much potential as JW did. JW was a young player for a god awful divison 3 side and ended up turning into (by your reckoning) a conference standard player. Hardly the surprise of the...
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    Lee Trundle?

    He obviously is only playing for Neath due to the location. Being so close to Swansea means that he can can help coach the Swans (like he was told he could) and also play regular football without too much hassle. Fair enough if you ask me.
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    Top 10 City players who had potential but we didnt see enough of?

    He is playing week in week out for the best side in Singapore mind. He has won 3 league titles and a couple of domestic cups as well as earning 20ish caps for the national side. I know it's only Singapore but he's hardly been a failure.
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    Raoul Moat

    OH MY GOD, IT'S NOW RAINING!!! That is all....
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    Raoul Moat

    How much taxpayers money is being wasted on this bullsh*t. Just shoot him already....
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    Err, yes I am sure your chairman wants him but unfortunately for your chairman, Tisdale doesn't want to go! 8-)
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    New Products at the Club Shop

    Max, how much time do you have on your hands to do all this dragging and dropping? ;)
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    Top 10 City strikers of the past decade?

    Now THAT is funny. You have taken my list and swapped Fleetwood and Basham for Craig Farrell and a midfield player! Shirley a wind up. Why not add Coppinger if you're going to change the rules?
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    Top 10 City strikers of the past decade?

    Basham and Fleetwood? ;)
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    Top 10 City strikers of the past decade?

    Basham has a footballing brain that you could only dream of. As for Fleetwood, I agree he didn't do fantastically well but he has natural ability and i very much doubt we would have got auto promotion from League 2 without him. I'm awaiting your list.
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    Top 10 City strikers of the past decade?

    Think he was with us during 1999-2000, but can't be arsed to check! To be quite honest I'm not convinced by my own list but can't really think of many more strikers who played much during the last 10 years. Basham definately deserves his place though and G_J's footballing knowledge is obviously...