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    We use parentheses to enclose information that can be left out. Just a tip like...
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    I nominate Exelurker as the king of the Parentheses ( ).
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    Exeter City v Newport County Matchday Thread

    Stockley was like a lazy Freddie Flintoff, he looked leaden legged from the first minute. I am nearly 50 and swear I could outpace him. After his great start he is now looking totally innefective up front. We need a new striker for next season without a shadow of a doubt!
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    The Xmas/New Year period

    I'd be more wary of The Trust blowing smoke up the untouchable one's proverbial than anything else.
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    Exeter City tour of Finland 1999

    Just found this on-line it was 2002 not 1999 Tour of Finland. FC Honka drew 3-3 Atlantis won 5-1 PK 35 won 3-1
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    Exeter City tour of Finland 1999

    Could someone help me with a few stats please. In 1999 (I think) Exeter played pre-season in Finland around the Helsinki district. Could anyone give me the names, dates and scores from any of the matches played? I think PK-35 was the opposition for one game.
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    Shrewsbury Town v Exeter City prediction thread

    I predict a enthralling 0-0 draw with a penalty miss for one of the sides.
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    Ryan Harley

    Harley has no confidence after spurning his chance of a big move, currently a poorer player second time around for Exeter City. A bench warmer at best.
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    It's been a while - yay or nay

    Nay! Home form justifies this decision.
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    Exeter City vs Mansfield Town Official Matchday Thread

    For the sake of everyone involved with the club Paul Tisdale please resign!
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    Who is not going on Saturday due the Ticketing policy or Prices at ECFC?

    I didn't go today due to this ridiculous pricing policy...£19.00 saved! Thinking of staying away until Tisdale goes. Three seasons of dire drivel at the park is too much to take.
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    The Day we played Brazil (the play) - 16-27th July

    The night was a huge success. Only a few odd spare seats. Drinks and food in the Forum then up to the Theatre for a fantastic production. Auction at the end was a big success.
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    Things that are overrated..........

    Jimmy Choos New Years Eve Oysters Backpacking
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    Things that are overrated..........

    Exeweb ....
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    Any more news on Brazil?

    Oh don't worry I intend to enjoy every minute. I hear the grapes are a little sour out there, I'll bring you some back!
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    Any more news on Brazil?

    I wouldn't want you as my accountant Shabba :-)
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    Any more news on Brazil?

    I think you need to look closer to home to see where the money is being hemorrhaged!
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    Any more news on Brazil?

    There is quite a few people traveling independently and paying nowhere near 2 grand so your figures are very inaccurate.
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    Any more news on Brazil?

    If I'm not mistaken the title of this thread is 'Any more news on Brazil' So most comments are off topic and smack of sour grapes! By the way I already have a tan :-)
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    Any more news on Brazil?

    Why don't the people that are not traveling to Rio stop this ridiculous sniping at people that are? All they are doing (including myself) is using this 'match' as a good reason to travel to a new destination and explore and enjoy another part of the world. We didn't plan the whole tour, we are...