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  1. heathy1

    Holiday Advice!

    Does anyone know of any good travel agents or could recommend any good online agents, ive only ever been abroad once (in 2001) and I am only looking for a simple Spanish holiday for a week (Balaeric's, Mainland, Canaries) in the summer.Would it be cheaper to go in late June than late July as on...
  2. heathy1

    Things you really wish you had'nt found out!

    Last night talking to the neighbours in the street as one does in Plymouth, talked about the weirdos that used to live in our house, remembering that a council repair had said 'I havent been up this way since that woman was murdered', got me asking the question if anyone knew what house it was...
  3. heathy1

    Argyle sell 200 tickets for JPT!

    Oh dear just heard that the 'Galactico' team of the southwest has only sold 200 tickets for their much awaited derby game at Exeter.'We'll meet again'? Maybe not all of us!
  4. heathy1

    Liverpool programme

    Just seen some bloke has 27 on ebay and has already sold 24 at 6.99 + 1.50 postage! Neil le M said someone came into the bottle bar asking for 60! How many programmes were printed for this game cos my first thought is 'not enough'!
  5. heathy1

    If you need a ticket and no one else can help...

    ...maybe its time you 1 ticket for the bank available for Liverpool, Liverpool fans dont bother
  6. heathy1

    What would happen if the moon blew up?

    At work last week whilst dodging bats eating moths I got to thinking what would happen if the moon was to blow up, I think their would be no more tides is one outcome which would cripple the restoring of sh*tty old air cooled VW vans and render dead billabong clothing, but what else would happen...
  7. heathy1

    What is actually wrong with Nardiello?

    I know he was injured at Stevenage but what was his actual injury? as he is suppose to be making his comeback it seems every game but alas all we have is cheese wedge head Bignall in the mean time (please be a loan ending injury!)
  8. heathy1

    Argyle 2 Truro 1

    Couldnt believe but Les Afful actually put Truro ahead last night, is that 4 goals in 200 starts for the striker now? Apparently in the match report sounds like Truro had over 25 shots on target! gonna be a great season....for Truro I think
  9. heathy1

    Torquay 1 v Burnley 3?? Surely a mistake?

    Now this is an upset of epic proportions! Really dont know where Torquay are gonna go from here as this is a game they should have won very comfortably, especially after beating 2 very much larger and better supported clubs in the week. Im thinking it must have been 3 very debatable penalties...
  10. heathy1

    Club reception opening times

    Are they open 9-5 today as I want to get my season ticket, cant find the opening times anywhere, which makes Heathy sad
  11. heathy1


    A number etched into the embarrassment of Torquay fans for a generation, thank god Stevenage took 8000!!
  12. heathy1

    Ive checked its pulse but im afraid...

    Its dead and soon to be buried
  13. heathy1

    Nice to see Torquay took the same to Old Trafford... they have at home games, great turnout!
  14. heathy1

    Billy Kee has shown that....

    Paul Tisdale is an absolute genius! The worst striker ive ever seen!
  15. heathy1

    Exeter's away step.... a distant dream, oh my god your sh*t
  16. heathy1

    Your so sh*t.....

    ..its actually unbelievable, good luck at Argyle next season!
  17. heathy1

    Exeter v Colchester programme 2010/11

    This is one of a number of programmes ive put on ebay as im not keeping programmes anymore but to my shock its been bid up to £8.45! Is this a rare programme or is someone a bit daft?
  18. heathy1

    Car insurance renewal top trumps, whats your record?

    15 years no claims on a Ford Focus 1.6 with the missis a named driver, 8000 miles a year, £18735 renewal price with 'Wiser group' insurance, superb
  19. heathy1

    Ive called in Yvette Fielding and the 'Most Haunted' team...

    ...because my god Argyle have your words come back to haunt you!!!