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  1. heathy1

    'Cans for City' - revived

    Yeah only tend to look via facebook for city stuff nowadays
  2. heathy1

    'Cans for City' - revived

    Andy is there anyway of doing an occasional update as to how much has been raised in the programme for example, also its great now there's a target for the money as its nice to look at something and say yep it was worth it bringing them in from Plymouth lol
  3. heathy1

    Fans boycott?

    Is people saying they want to boycott games just another way of saying their missis wont let them go anymore? probably
  4. heathy1

    Desribe your last fart using only the title of a movie

    Desolation of smaug
  5. heathy1

    A message from the trust and supporter's club

    It really is easy money a black sack full of crushed cans is about 3 kg, a Slovakian lad at my work collects cans from around central park in Plymouth for me to take and also I collect them all from my work, just to say the Slovakian lad hasn't even been to Exeter but yet he can still make an...
  6. heathy1

    Given the potg policy at ECFC, what are non attenders doing tomorrow?.

    Anyone that describes watching Exeter or football in general as 'the product' deserves to have full blown Aids
  7. heathy1

    York City. . Sub 3k gate?

    Simple for the club really, put all prices back on the gate at the pre order price then blame wolfie for it all in the first place
  8. heathy1

    Admission Prices for 2014/15

    Got a renewal, payed it, big bank season ticket works out about £10.80 per game , simple
  9. heathy1

    season ticket and finance comp

    Never ceases to amaze me what great fans we have, cant get it due to your credit score so will never go again, great support
  10. heathy1

    Exeter City u21 v Burnley u21 official matchday thread!

    With all the money going to us from the gates this really is a no brainer, could be a bit of history in the making too
  11. heathy1

    'Cans for City' - revived

    Is this still even running?, had to search for the cages last saturday which were hidden away inside Red square, even more worryingly they were in with what it seemed to be City's general rubbish, are these cans even being collected by anyone? cos i'll be ****ed if im lugging them up to Exeter...
  12. heathy1

    'Cans for City' - revived

    So how has this been going so far then? Got a shed load to bring again tomorrow
  13. heathy1

    Yay or Nay for ladies and homosexual men

    She is like the Queen MILF thats for sure
  14. heathy1

    The best in Britain

    Was telling all the foreigners at work to stick Grimsby in their accy's as 1/2 at home against bottom on your run of form was a gift, smug face time on monday
  15. heathy1

    Ice Station Zebra....

    Thats the one I was thinking, watching attack after attack from Millwall
  16. heathy1

    U18s vs QPR

  17. heathy1


    I think youve had too much Jerky, the first video is superb and captures the moment perfectly hence its view count
  18. heathy1

    Pakistan v England test series/ODI 2012

    Glad there isnt a highlight show, absolutely embarrassing
  19. heathy1

    The FA Trophy 2011-12

    I wonder where Northwich are gonna play that game now they have no ground!