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    Team for Wembley?

    Bowman and Fisher or Bowman and Seymour for me
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    Team for Monday vs Colchester

    2-1 to Exeter then 3-2 to us after extra time meaning the tie goes to penalties, after that I can’t predict how penalties will go, the proverbial “lottery”!
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    Colchester v Exeter City Playoff MDT

    Disappointing result but I’d rather air on the side of positivity, we are just 1-0 down with 90 minutes to play so STILL very much in this tie! Our record at home is good overall, granted we won’t have the advantage of a home crowd but I still feel being at home does help. I think the team will...
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    Matt Taylor's pre Colchester 1st leg interview

    Can’t wait for the two games, bring it on!
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    Playoff Semifinal First Leg v Colchester (Team)

    Well it’s been a long drawn out process but at least we know for definite now and having not had a football fix for a long time we get to see the team twice in 5 days live on Sky! It will obviously be very strange seeing no crowds in either ground but I hope we can deliver a strong performance...
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    Exeter vs Newcastle - U23s Premier League Cup (Thu 19 Mar)

    does the tournament rules allow the game to be played on a 3G pitch, I have my doubts as it’s a premier league tournament run competition
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    Exeter vs Newcastle - U23s Premier League Cup (Thu 19 Mar)

    Saturday and Tuesday could be a struggle as well if the rain continues
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    WTF does Matt Jay have to do to get in the side???

    I think the striker position is the hardest area of the team to recruit because everybody wants top quality strikers and we all know top quality strikers cost a lot of money, I’m not sure we have the resources for top quality compared to teams with bigger budgets. Therefore most strikers we...
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    City v Crewe build up

    Tough one to call but unlike USA Pete I’m going to be a positive person and say 2-1 to City in front of 4245 with 251 fans from Crewe making the trip.
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    Exeter v Crawley discussion thread

    3-2 thriller in our favour, Williams, Taylor, Bowman in front of a crowd of 4215
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    Exeter City FC v Oldham Athletic AFC Match Day Thread

    The irony of you calling out someone’s knowledge of goalkeeping like you are the expert all the time, I think there is a phrase that mentions pots and kettles
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    Exeter City FC v Oldham Athletic AFC Match Day Thread

    LOL the irony of your first sentence......
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    Macclesfield Town v Exeter City discussion thread

    Think the weather might beat both sides on Saturday 😞🤔
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    Dino visser released

    When asked why he turned the deal down Visser said “I simply can’t live up to the standards asked by Pete in the USA, apparently he even criticised how I did the laces up on my boots so it’s probably best if they offer the deal to Pete himself”
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    Exeter vs Oldham discussion thread

    I’m going for a 2-0 victory to the Grecians with Jay and Ajose notching in front of a very cold 3543 crowd
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    Ollie Watkins

    Ok thanks, I wasn’t sure what the nature of the deal was that was agreed
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    Ollie Watkins

    Oh really? That’s a shame for the club then 😞
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    Jonny Maxted nominated for EFL Player of the Month for January

    Game of opinions and I don’t agree with most of yours
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    Ollie Watkins

    I’m sure I saw Stansfield signed professional forms the other day at Fulham, hopefully that triggers some more money for our coffers?
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    Exeter v Stevenage discussion thread

    I think we need Bowman OR Fisher in the starting line up as a physical presence at the top end of the pitch to compete with the imposing defenders you get in league two