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    20-21 new shirts

    When did we win at Wembley? I don't believe you..
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    Exeter v Northampton - Play Off Final Discussion Thread

    I didn't see much of the Northampton game tonight, just the last 10 minutes and felt they should be ashamed of themselves. They kept falling over and faking injury, taking a massive amount of time to take goal kicks and throwings and their subs were kicking and throwing the ball away. I felt...
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    Exeter City v Colchester Prediction Thread

    Hard to predict as there is no form, and a good thing too as we were slipping. Time to see how Taylor deals with the pressure of the play offs.. If Tisdale was in charge we would be marching to the final to then lose, but lets see what happens. I am going for:- Colchester 2 - 1 Exeter Exeter...
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    Weighted PPG and play-offs for League 2?

    That is exactly my thought. Play the semi on one weekend and the final the following.. Most of the teams are down south, so play all the games at St. Marys - Good location for all teams and they have one of the best pitches in the country.
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    Just how should we finish the season?

    I would be really annoyed if I was Pompey, the points gap between Oxford and Portsmouth per game is nothing, and any team in that bracket should feel robbed.
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    Just how should we finish the season?

    Who'd of thought Ryan Bowman's perfectly good goal against Walsall at 1-1 being disallowed would cost us promotion..
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    Just how should we finish the season?

    Just heard that too.. Cheltenham are getting promoted, so another season in L2. Time for new management - Taylor has had 2 seasons and no promotions, club hasn't moved forward.
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    Exclusive interview with Paul Tisdale

    Love him or hate him.. He helped the club through a very difficult time and gave me my best memories as a supporter of ECFC. I was sad to see him go, although he had changed his style of play from attractive attacking football to over cautious hoofing.
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    Plym**th away tickets

    So did I, and the chances are now Sky won't show it live and it will return to a Saturday afternoon.
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    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    I know, but they should at least make an annoucement soon. Either UEFA or FA should state like Italy and Holland, all football matches will be suspended till April with another review at the end of the month. People are panacking, but would rather football was suspended than matches being played...
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    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    If games are moved behind closed doors, then the 3PM broadcast should be dropped and iFollow should be allowed for users within the UK. Alos personally I would prefer football to be suspended and season ending in June, rather than being played behind closed doors.
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    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    If they start playing EFL games behind closed doors, there will be a influx of people buying VPN's.
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    Exeter v Salford build-up and guess work

    Unless Salford go down to 10 men, we won't win this. Leaking poor goals and not scoring enough. Martin and Jay have to start, then pick the team around them.. Also maybe start with Ajose instead of Bowman.
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    Walsall v Exeter City matchday thread

    We need VAR in L2. We should be 2-1 up
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    Walsall v Exeter City matchday thread

    I recorded the replay on my phone and the freezed framed it and there looks like a guy on the far left who is keeping him on. But he is offside from the players immediately around him.
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    Exeter vs Newcastle - U23s Premier League Cup (Thu 19 Mar)

    The imaginary game in my head...
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    Exeter vs Newcastle - U23s Premier League Cup (Thu 19 Mar)

    Assume the game is currently 0-0?
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    03/03 H Crewe L 0-2 07/03 A Walsall L 2-1 14/03 H Salford W 2-1 17/03 H Scunthorpe W 1-0 23/03 A Plymouth L 2-0 28/03 H Bradford D 1-1 7 POINTS -Think we will struggle this month.. Not scoring enough goals and our strong defence are starting to leak.