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  1. ryancooper327

    Pre Season 2020/21

    Thought I’d kick off a pre season thread for the games. Hoping for 6 games apparently. “Bristol Rovers, Swansea, Tiverton, Truro, Torquay and we have an in-house game planned and we are working on one last fixture.”...
  2. ryancooper327

    2019/20 Retained List.
  3. ryancooper327

    This season’s City shirts down to 15 quid

    Thought I’d post here as there’s probably some interest. I think they’re sold out in the club shop. Home away
  4. ryancooper327

    L2 Retained Lists

    Expecting a few players to be released this season. Thought it would be worthy of it's own thread rather than clogging up L2 news. So far: TEAM ANNOUNCED DATE PLAYERS RELEASED Colchester Y 27/04/2020 16 Salford City Y 16/05/2020 11 Cambridge Utd Y 28/04/2020 9 Carlisle Utd Y...
  5. ryancooper327

    If you can’t beat them, sign them.

    Is there players who we have signed after they have scored against us? Thought this would be something fun away from the usual discussions!
  6. ryancooper327

    Exeter City Accounts

    Sounds like football finance expert Kieran Maguire will be discussing ECFC accounts in a podcast released tomorrow.
  7. ryancooper327

    New Sponsor, New Shirt

    Whenever the new season begins we will have a new home shirt without Flybe for the first time in ages. I'd like to see something simple with stripes front AND back. I have mocked this up during my isolation. Also mocked up an away and third although they won't be new next season but I really...
  8. ryancooper327

    Alphabetical players

    Hello all! I'm working on making a A-Z of city players book for my 10 month old (for when he is a little older...). I've compiled a list which I'll put below, I've tried to use old and new players to give him a little history too and used legends, cult heroes and my favourites too. Really...
  9. ryancooper327

    Tillson to Ross County

  10. ryancooper327

    Sparkes out for season

    Devastating news
  11. ryancooper327

    2019/20 Season Stats and Data

    Starting a thread for data and stats to be posted away from other threads and have a home for the season. Analysing stats is second to watching matches for me but certainly keeps me busy between games! To start off... Last season I compared age to minutes played so thought I would do this...
  12. ryancooper327

    Football manager games

    Does anyone play football manager games? Share your city squads/ discuss tactics. I’m a few years in currently, City firmly in league 1 and 2 good cup runs in recent years. I try to rely on free agents and my youth academy. Currently my first 2023/24 XI is - in 442 - Ward Shephard (FGR) -...
  13. ryancooper327

    Best and worst - shady pasts and great celebrations

    To shift away from talk about Bury, offside/not offside debating and 'should Nicky Ajose already be on 15 goals'?!... Two different ideas but combined to save on forum listing space. Shady pasts Has there ever been a player with a bad past that fans still cheered/supported for? Or even...
  14. ryancooper327

    Match day attire

    Long shot, and do not want to sound lame but I never know what to wear on match days. I usually wear suits - even for social occasions - and a cap/coat. Think old 1920s football photos. I made the assumption I’d look odd wearing that to games so go for jeans and an old home/away shirt but would...
  15. ryancooper327

    ITV Broadcast Spurs v City

    Apologies if this has been posted before, delete if it has!
  16. ryancooper327

    Attendance over the years

    From the figures posted on the ladies thread I thought I'd knock up a graphical representation. It does show steady growth in attendance.
  17. ryancooper327

    prints of SJP art

    This guy - - is selling A3 prints of his SJP art. It's £15 including postage.
  18. ryancooper327

    Player cigarette cards

    I’ve just had my first child arrive over the weekend and while in hospital I drew him in a few years playing inside Right for Exeter. But enough about me - I have searched for a thread on it but to no avail. Does anyone have scans of city cigarette card caricatures they’d like to post? I find...