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  1. huxwar

    super 6

    Is there a Exeter City super 6 league this year? If so, what is the entry code?
  2. huxwar

    2014/15 season betting

    skybet already has us as joint 2nd favs for relegation next season along with wycombe, Wimbledon, dagenham and accy.......
  3. huxwar

    Who is going down?

    With our win on Saturday we look a little healthier in the table, although I still think our next four games are more crucial for survival because our final four look far tougher. So which two teams are going down???? I'm going with the Turks and Ainsworths Wycombe lot!
  4. huxwar

    If Tisdale were to go.......who should we get?

    By all accounts it was so poor last night that things should surely change now. But who is available and who would we want to take over if the board have the balls to ditch Tisdale right now?
  5. huxwar

    Apparent match fixing in English leagues.........

    Let's have a bet on which teams are involved
  6. huxwar

    2012/13 Shirt Manufacturer

    Anyone heard any rumours or mutterings on a new kit manufacturer yet? (Carbrini deal finished?) It was April last year when the club announced the current kit, so you would like to think that things were well advanced by now. Get rid of the Carbrini t*ss (and never go back)!!!
  7. huxwar

    Replica shirt available online?

    according to the offical website the new home replica shirt should of been available online as from yesterday. it seems though (unless i'm being a total biff) thats not the case!!! anyone else tried ordering one online? Tony Pryce seems to behind the drag curve once again....thoughts?