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  1. Ashford Grecian

    Ollie Watkins

    Lovely stuff, hope The Bees slump continues so we get a nice pay day soon
  2. Ashford Grecian

    Fans back in October

    Can't recall the last time I sat in my seat at an away match as always go stand in the back couple of rows, not sure this is gonna be possible for the foreseeable.... Will probably be enforced reserved seating?
  3. Ashford Grecian

    Jamie Reid to Torquay.

    Yep fair point there
  4. Ashford Grecian

    Jamie Reid to Torquay.

    Good enough for Mansfield but not City. Still can't understand why we let him go. Would rate him above our current crop of strikers
  5. Ashford Grecian

    Exeter City v Colchester United Playoff 2nd Leg Matchday Thread

    Will the real Exeter City please stand up? That was chalk and cheese over the two ties. More of the same please 👍
  6. Ashford Grecian

    TV Times

    City featured on bargain hunt today
  7. Ashford Grecian

    Colchester v Exeter City Playoff MDT

    Colchester were there for the taking we really missed a trick here with such negative tactics. Great chance to put the tie to bed I doubt the opposition will be soon inept at SJP
  8. Ashford Grecian

    Exeter City v Colchester Prediction Thread

    Colchester vs Cheltenham final 😒
  9. Ashford Grecian

    UK Lockdown

    At a fraction of the price
  10. Ashford Grecian

    UK Lockdown

    In fact the news has never been so boring - don't think I spend more than 2 mins watching the headlines once a day if that
  11. Ashford Grecian

    Cheltenham date unknown......

    IF and WHEN this happens as first match back it will be behind closed doors anyway I would imagine
  12. Ashford Grecian

    Is the Big Bank the biggest?

    All I know is it's the best (y):love:
  13. Ashford Grecian

    UK Lockdown

    Yep our juniors was on at Laleham today and I run every Saturday and tie a load of venues on the way to City games but I fear that this will be shutdown soon as numbers cannot be known or policed
  14. Ashford Grecian

    EFL Football suspended until 30 April

    Easy solution, pools panel 🤣
  15. Ashford Grecian

    EFL Football suspended until 30 April

    Can't even go to Ashford Town tomorrow Isthmian league has gone so very odd re National League
  16. Ashford Grecian


    Don't like the way we have been playing recently or team selection and fear we could drop out of the autos come end of the month, City scores first 03/03 H Crewe 1-2 07/03 A Walsall 1-2 14/03 H Salford 2-0 17/03 H Scunthorpe 1-1 23/03 A Plymouth 1-1 28/03 H Bradford 1-1 6 points
  17. Ashford Grecian

    Exeter v Crawley discussion thread

    2-0 easy win back on track
  18. Ashford Grecian

    What was the last pub you visited...

    Crown and Anchor, Northampton - cracking boozer (y)
  19. Ashford Grecian

    Northampton Town v Exeter City - Matchday Thread

    The last time we had the black away kit that was a disaster too, there is clearly something in this sighting issue for sure, anyway bar one or two players we were dire yesterday
  20. Ashford Grecian

    Leyton Orient - Saturday 25 April

    Clap, clap + junior + hopefully some other non Exeter buddies :D