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  1. Mackster

    Steve Tully

    Future ECFC manager? Saved Truro from relegation last season and took them to promotion in his first full season. Not the most talented player we've had, but made the most of his ability through his attitude to the game and I loved the fella's enthusiasm. Has anyone seen Truro play, what style...
  2. Mackster

    3G pitches to be approved for Football League

    Football League Clubs look set to ratify this for use starting in League 1 & 2 next season as well as JPT & League Cup, its already approved for the FA Cup. http:// Of course the purists will say football is supposed to be played on grass, but the...
  3. Mackster

    James Norwood

    Were we wrong about him, is he finally maturing into the footballer we hoped he'd be? Scored a second half hat-trick for England C earlier today
  4. Mackster

    200% Article

    Just read those comments.....the Gargs still eating their own
  5. Mackster

    V for Vendetta

    Interesting film about a man who dresses as Guy Fawkes and mobilises the people to overthrow a fictional British Facist Government Now the Guy Fawkes mask used in the film has been adopted by anti-establishment protestors around the world. Not bad work for a fella who has been dead over 400...
  6. Mackster

    Credit Crunch Part II

    Well is it gonna happen and what are the consequences? I've just seen the ridiculous sight of the Greek Police picketing the German Embassy demanding "respect"!
  7. Mackster

    Scousers still officially sh*te

    An embarassing performance from King Kenny's team today. 4-0 and could have easily have been 6,7,8 if Spurs had fancied scoring more. £100m+ spunked on new players who won't take them above 5th again. Henderson £20m, Scott Parker £5m That says it all for me
  8. Mackster

    Vigil at Home Park

    Argyle fans are going to have a vigil at Home Park up to their game on Saturday. They're are going to sit down light candles and say prayers. So far they have raised £190! I don't know if the collection is just for the candles, but if they are going to do this sort of thing properly they should...
  9. Mackster

    Neil Warncock - hypocrite

    So Warnock's happy to be out of the League Cup and thinks the competition should be revised. He wasn't saying that when he managed a lower league club. Any proper club in the Premier League wants to win the LC as its usually only one of two pots they can win. Fergie, Kenny and any decent...
  10. Mackster

    Brighton & Southampton off to a flier

    No surprise that the two south coasters are off to such great starts. Always good to see teams promoted form our division do well (except Leeds of course). I've got money on Brighton to go straight up. I think in Gus they have the brightest manager in the country. I can see both the Arse &...
  11. Mackster

    Petition Online

    Whilst looking at the Argyle Petition I saw this: As it's been discussed on the fans forum, I've decided to create a Poll, with the intention of giving to the club with hopefully a few...
  12. Mackster

    Team for Stevenage

    The phoney war is over and the now the real stuff starts. Hoorah! I haven't seen any PSF's, just read the guff on here, so I'm guessing: Pidge Tully Troy Duffy Golbs Sercombe Dunne Noble Shep Bauza Nards Subs Art...
  13. Mackster

    Argyle replace Ginsters with....

    ...WH Bond The Gargs were getting all excited about a big announcement, instead they got an even more tinpot sponsor than the Turks. So if you can't be bothered to look, they are a bunch of farmers or maybe pikeys from their company description. From a national pasty...
  14. Mackster

    Tony Roberts retires

    The big man has finally hung up his gloves. He's provided us with lots of banter and entertainment over the years and you relished a game with Tony in goal. A keeper from the old mould like Neville Southall who never look like footballers, but have great characters and play the game as we...
  15. Mackster

    The League 2 Thread 2011/2012

    We will naturally be keeping an eye on our inferior cousins in League 2, but the big question is will Crawley be bankrolled through to promotion again? Well they are still spending the money. They've just signed John Akinde on £6K per week. Apparently Gills were prepared to spend up to £2K, so...
  16. Mackster

    Argyle Season Ticket Prediction Thread

    How many will they sell before that start of the season - if they get that far? The Riddler puts them on sale tomorrow and ensures that tickets will go in a "special" account run by his best mate, Brenda! I'm going for a measly 1621. Nearest guess wins an Argyle season ticket.
  17. Mackster

    Exeter City v Yeovil Matchday Thread

    Can't believe no one's started this, must be watching Comedy Relief or the Libyan debacle. More importantly another 3 points for City please, you never know the MK Dons & Bournemouth could go into freefall leaving the door open.
  18. Mackster

    Attendance 3,457

    There, I've saved you w*nkers the trouble of starting a new thread. Are we Torquay in disguise?
  19. Mackster

    Rats deserting the sinking ship

    Argyle are teetering on the brink of the abyss, deducted 10 points this week, 7 successive defeats, near certantities for relegation and oh the staff won't get paid again this week! So what does Stapleton do in their darkest hour, he decides to take a 10 holiday in Dubai. Just when you thought...
  20. Mackster

    West Ham win Olympic Stadium

    Thank f*ck for that. End of an era with The Boelyn being bulldozed, now they'll be twinned with the Don Valley. Now we'll have to put up with the smug Brady bunch, it couldn't happen to nicer people.