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  1. Stuart Storer's Tache

    Classic Terrrace Bundles

    Been meaning to do this for ages and after a quick cursory search it didn't appear to have been done. I think this is the right forum as it doesn't have to be an ECFC goal that gets posted. I'll get the wheels in motion with a few of my favourites...
  2. Stuart Storer's Tache

    A Legend and a Gentleman..........

    ............Walter Smith Thanks for the memories.
  3. Stuart Storer's Tache

    Ally McCoist

    Will be the new Rangers manager for next season. Although he was my boyhood hero, I've got slight mixed feelings about this one.
  4. Stuart Storer's Tache

    Men's Shoes

    I'm in the market for some new shoes for work/leisure. As the last four pairs have been of the Patrick Cox loafer variety I'm looking for something for your typical man about town. Sensible suggestions gratefully welcomed.
  5. Stuart Storer's Tache

    End of term report

    The latest (August's) issue of FourFourTwo arrived on my door mat this morning and features an end of season rating for all football league clubs. City were given a D+ which given our final league position is hardly surprising, but I feel is a little unfair given how far we've come. A solid C...
  6. Stuart Storer's Tache

    Fattest player to play for city

    Peter Fox circa 1996/97? Gareth Sheldon? Dazza towards the end? I'll go for John Cornforth
  7. Stuart Storer's Tache

    Footballing Cities

    If like me you have moved around over the years and sampled living in various different cities that have football teams I would be interested to hear your thoughts. Here is my list; Bristol - Lived here for nearly a year now. Live in North Bristol and although strictly speaking its Gashead...
  8. Stuart Storer's Tache

    Boots of choice....

    For all those like me who cling on to their youth by attempting to play every weekend I wondered what was their preferred choice of footwear. For about five seasons now I have gone with the classic Adidas World Cup/Copa Mundial combo, although my beloved Copas have started to split. I am very...
  9. Stuart Storer's Tache

    The Noughties

    As one of the most turbulent decades (we've had a few!) in City's history draws to a close I've been thinking of some of the moments of the decade. Game of the decade - We have had a few but THAT night at the Kassam tops it for me. Goal of the decade - Deano vs Donny, whether he meant it or...
  10. Stuart Storer's Tache

    George Burley Sacked

    Brings an end to a shambolic two years in charge
  11. Stuart Storer's Tache

    52 and counting.....

    My boyhood heroes Rangers have won the SPL title :) Deserved after last seasons fiasco, not a vintage side like some of the ones i grew up with but then Celtic aren't great either
  12. Stuart Storer's Tache

    Ups and downs

    I would imagine there will be some ups and downs over the weekend, Burton up tonight? Charlton down tomorrow? One thing I am surprised at is the fact that up until now apart from Luton (for obvious reasons) the has not been more. If you look at the four professional leagues in England (I...