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    Playoff Semifinal First Leg v Colchester (Team)

    Is a smart tv sufficient, or do you also need a separate streaming device ?
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    Dino visser released

    I believe that he has not yet found a new club and continues to train with us.
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    Exeter City v Ipswich Town : EFL Trophy : Match Day Thread.

    Agree with you, but what concerns me is that we do not create enough of those type of opportunities in the box, which is possibly why Ben Seymour has not made a greater impression. The times I have seen Ben play he has worked hard, but I cannot recall him having a single poacher style...
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    Colchester United V's Exeter City Official Match Day Thread. LD2 Sunday 29th December 2019

    Thanks Iscalad, but it was a more fundamental question than that. I now understand having phoned Ifollow. Thanks Hants, that is what I was looking for.
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    Colchester United V's Exeter City Official Match Day Thread. LD2 Sunday 29th December 2019

    I have registered to watch the game on Ifollow and have received a mail confirming my payment, but I can see no instructions as to what I now do. Please can somebody advise where I now access the game and do I need to use the 'Transaction ID' supplied in the mail.
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    Exeter City v Forest Green Rovers Matchday Thread

    I think that I am correct in saying that the ref removed a bottle from the pitch himself, so he noticed. As for the culprits, a young kid brought to the attention of the Stewards was spoken too, but I didn't see him being removed. I saw three objects being thrown and understand that one bottle...
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    Morecambe AFC v's Exeter City AFC Official Match Day Thread. LD2 25/8/19

    Olds, did you mean LB, rather than right-back?
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    Summer 2019 - Possible signings

    Probably not the right thread, but whilst we are discussing our young players, a point of interest mentioned by Marcus Flitcroft at Monday evenings EDG presentation, was that there is currently no intention to loan out Ben Seymour this season. Hopefully, we will get to see both Jack Sparkes and...
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    Summer 2019 - Possible signings

    I would like to think it was, but suspect that it is more likely to be the third goalkeeper.
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    Kabongo Tshimanga

    I have no knowledge that it was Tshimanga, but I do know that we had serious interest in a Forward and were blown out of the water when Mansfield offered £250K for him. I don't know the name, but all may become clear if the Stags sign someone in the coming days.
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    Welcome Tom Parkes

    My first reaction would be to bandage it, not post on Exeweb.
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    Transfers in/outs 2019/20 and Retained list

    That is a good point, we did.
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    Transfers in/outs 2019/20 and Retained list

    I hope that I am wrong on this one, but the suggestion that we are entitled to compensation because a player is under the age of 24, surely only applies to those players that have been developed through a Clubs Academy, which is not the case with Boateng.
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    Summer 2019 - Possible signings

    We have a new set-up, which Matt explains in the DevonLive interview below. (Listen to the interview rather than just reading the text).
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    Summer 2019 - Possible signings

    Interesting comments by Matt regarding our new scouting/recruitment set-up. Marcus Flitcroft, previously match analyst, now promoted to head of recruitment.
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    Retained List

    Disappointed that Boateng looks to be leaving, despite always feeling that he had the talent to have given more in the time that he has been with us. I was one of the ones convinced that he was on a three year contract, based on my recollection of something that was said when he arrived. I am...
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    Willem Tomlinson

    I recall that during early discussions about him possibly signing, it was suggested that a potential stumbling block was Blackburns desire to have a sell-on clause. I guess if he is now effectively a free agent, that obstacle has been overcome.
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    Jordan Tillson out on loan

    According to Matt in his latest interview pre-MKD, Tilly has another two years left on his contract !
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    January shopping list - what are the priorities?

    The answer to your question is contained within the following interview. It is all worth a listen, but go to 1min 58s for your answer.