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  1. muppetdodger

    Jayden Stockley

    I am clearly a massive fan of Stockers and what he brings to the table, but there are one or two points I want to make on his performances. If you look at the stats, he is second top scorer in the league one behind Norwood on 6. However, if you dig deeper he's had the most shots of anyone in...
  2. muppetdodger

    Nichols and Wheeler

    Oh dear. my day just got even worse! We don't want to get left high and dry. you'd think the lads would sign up to earn us some more cash!
  3. muppetdodger

    FA Cup Revenue

    I keep seeing 700k as what we can expect to earn from the Anfield game. With their ticket prices and a likely below capacity gate can anyone explain exactly how we are going to raise that sort of cash. Just doesn't add up to me.
  4. muppetdodger

    Tisdales Post Match Interviews

    I'm a big Tisdale fan, always have been. Don't get me wrong he's not perfect but he is good for us and our budget. Anyway, is it just me or have his post match interviews gone from being very good and concise in the early days to a load of sound bites and drivel now. Yesterday he was hesitant...
  5. muppetdodger

    What's Tom done wrong?

    Tom Nichols gets 6 in 6 and then he doesn't kick a ball for two games. Why is that. Presumably he has upset Tis somehow, but really we are not exactly prolific in front of goal, why would you take the form man off the pitch for two games. This is where I find Tisdale erratic to say the least, it...
  6. muppetdodger

    Quarter Finals

    Who do we want in the next round of the Under 21 cup? Draw takes place later today with the following teams in the hat: Exeter Chelsea Newcastle Burnley Man City Wolves Reading or Watford Fulham or Arsenal Quite fancy Newcastle at the real St James Park!
  7. muppetdodger

    Having been at the game.....

    ....I would love to know how Gordon Sparks reacted to our winner!!!