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  1. Ian Russon

    Exeter City - The only team in the top 4 tiers not to concede a goal

    Well done Matty T and Exeter City FC. It's lovely to read things like this throughout the season.
  2. Ian Russon

    Automatic v Plymouth in the play off final

    Am I the only one who'd choose Plymouth in the play off final over reaching the automatics? Playing Plymouth at Wembley would only happen once in a blue moon, something that may never happen again for 100's of years. It could actually happen this year! That makes me very excited.
  3. Ian Russon

    I'm A Celeb 2019

    Anyone else watching this? I thought Wrighty was going to be a winner but he's already moaning about the food intake. Can't see Heskell making it to the end either. Two nights in and so far so good.
  4. Ian Russon

    Tisdale out brigade - Mk Edition. It seems he's not a very liked person on the terraces. The question is, if MT goes after furthering his career at the end of a successful season, would you take Tisdale back? Can't see him being there for the...
  5. Ian Russon

    Worst Ever Performance

    Something that got me thinking today, whats the worst ever performance you've ever seen us play? being a relatively new fan to Exeter City, mine has to be the way Paul Tisdale played us at Wembley. not the worst for goals against us, I'm sure there is worse but for the sudden decline in moral...