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  1. Anonymous

    Clear out?

    I'm probably feeling a bit emotional about our performance after seeing that display, but I genuinely think there are some people who are getting too comfortable with their places in the squad. The lack of passion, effort and quality today was incredibly disappointing. Zero shots on target all...
  2. Anonymous

    Pasoti Sponsorship

    Porky, being a financially astute chap, has secured sponsorship for Pasoti forum naming rights. He amusingly elected to go with an organisation with close links to Argyle and have undoubtedly provided their services many times in the past. Talk about not casting the net far and wide. You...
  3. Anonymous

    Average Plymouthian Typical. Probably sits in zoo corner when he's not watching his main team on TV.
  4. Anonymous

    Devons Finest Nothing like a good tear up in the king billy to make the loyal supporters proud. Shocking publicity.
  5. Anonymous

    New signings: what do we need?

    I'd say we are missing a first choice winger or two and someone to partner stockley up front. We look sorted for center backs now that jordan storey has come through. Could maybe do with a new right wing back though. ---------------------------pym------------------ New...
  6. Anonymous

    "Annual" Reminder: Blocks 111/112 are designated singing blocks

    Blocks 111 and 112 are designated singing blocks and are not for families. Please do not act surprised or upset when people in these blocks want to stand up to watch the game and sing. Last year people were moaning about bad language and people standing up in front of them in the designated...
  7. Anonymous

    Next Seasons Kits

    What kits are getting re-done this summer? Will there be any fan votes or options?
  8. Anonymous

    The Best L2 Fantasy Football Squad? 2 players from City made the team.
  9. Anonymous

    Longest winning streak

    Could we break the record this time? The record i believe is 7 in a row, set last season. I think it's doable the way we are playing at the moment.
  10. Anonymous

    We need... established, first choice, attacking midfielder/forward to replace Watkins. And a decent center midfield/defensive midfielder to work as substitute for Harley and Taylor. If we don't sign people for these positions we will not be challenging for a promotion spot next year.
  11. Anonymous

    Exeter V Blackpool - League 2 Playoff Final Prediction Fred

    1 - 0 to City. Rob Edwards with a headed winner. (beer)
  12. Anonymous

    Do we "deserve some points"?

    I think we deserve what we get. Playing good football and getting no points is not the objective. Playing badly and getting points is not ideal, but it's a darn sight better than playing well and getting nothing. The team needs to adapt or we will go the way of Aldershot and Torquay. This...
  13. Anonymous

    Surprise transfer of the day

    Paul Jones has got a dream move to championship Norwich. Try not to choke on your cornflakes Pete.
  14. Anonymous

    New Signing: Falcao

    I could not believe it when I saw we had signed Falcao..... Champions League here we come!
  15. Anonymous

    Photoshop thread

    ooo errrr
  16. Anonymous

    The argyle promotion pasty wagon

    All aboard!
  17. Anonymous

    Our Defense As A Team

    Very poor. I'm not singling out defenders here, I think the attacking players and midfielders are as much to blame. Our overall defensive record will continue to cost us our league position until we tighten up and stop shipping goals. We need better work rate from the midfielders across the...
  18. Anonymous

    you know who i miss around here??

    mumsies special little soldier. i hope he is doing ok and still banging_one_out over his favourite yellow feathered friends despite them being in such a terrible state.
  19. Anonymous

    Our midfield needs to be quicker

    We are simply not athletic enough in midfield to get promoted. We have some pace down the wings with wheeler, holmes etc. but through the middle of the park we are as slow as molasses. It unfortunately affects us as much without the ball as it does with the ball because we cant effectively...
  20. Anonymous

    Supporters Trust T-shirts...?

    Just an idea but I would quite like a supporters trust t-shirt or polo shirt or scarf or something. i remember stuff like 1904 knocking around a while ago? any possibility of that making a come back? could maybe generate some extra revenue for the ST?