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  1. fred binneys head

    Post virus songs

    Ok, the situation is tough, for some more than others, but it will end and we will watch City again. So, let’s use this time to think of some songs for when we’re back. I’ll start us off with a couple: 1. (Whenever anyone coughs) You’re supposed to be at home 2. If you’ve all got the virus...
  2. fred binneys head

    Portsmouth away (EFL Trophy Semi-final)

    Many going to this? I'll be there - I'm not bothered about this boycott thing, it's a semi-final and Fratton Park is a new ground for me. Will anyone else be there?
  3. fred binneys head - not secure?

    For some reason when I open Exeweb now, it says it’s “not secure”. Only started this morning - any ideas what it means and whether I need to worry?
  4. fred binneys head

    Life’s simple pleasures

    We’ve got threads on little things that annoy you and amuse you, but what about those little things in life that make you feel good for a few seconds? I’ll start - opening the foil on a new instant coffee jar and smelling the coffee.
  5. fred binneys head

    Favourite Exeter pubs - past or present

    Mine would have to be: 1. Cowley Bridge Inn 2. Eagle Tavern 3. Stoke Arms All 3 due to childhood / early adulthood memories of good times with family / friends. The Cowley Bridge Inn was great for a game of arrows, decent cider and good food. The Eagle was great for free pool as a kid (I knew...
  6. fred binneys head

    Tips to help you in life

    On an iPhone, if you are typing a text and want to change something in a previous word(s), instead of trying to tap exactly where you want to make the change, just put your finger on the space bar and drag left - it’s amazing.
  7. fred binneys head

    Wilder vs Fury

    Anyone else staying up to watch / listen? Wilder with a late KO or on points for me.
  8. fred binneys head

    Exeter City vs Macclesfield Town official matchday thread

    Come on you lousy set of red and white bastards, go smash ‘em and get our season back on track. Coooooome oooooon yoooooou reeeee-eeeeeeds (the hyphen is for the change in vocal pitch).
  9. fred binneys head

    How many different grounds have you been to?

    Including grounds that no longer exist (Ayresome Park, Victoria ground, Fellows Park, etc) and including non-league grounds and including Wembley, how many UK grounds have you been to? Rules: has to be on a match day and you have to pay to get in (unless you got a complimentary ticket i.e. not...
  10. fred binneys head

    Other teams’ away followings

    Just a couple of recent observations. Apparently last night Middlesbrough took 9 fans to Walsall for their U21 team’s game in the Checkatrade. Makes me feel even prouder of the 11 we took to Alfreton for the U23 game against Forest :) Also, I went to Burton vs Southend last Tuesday and the...
  11. fred binneys head

    Yeovil Town vs Exeter City - EFL Trophy match day thread

    Come on lads, strong performance to remove those Lincoln memories please.
  12. fred binneys head

    The Fury fight

    Not the waste of space inside the ring, the lads going toe to toe in the crowd - what was all that about?
  13. fred binneys head

    Exeter City vs Forest Green Rovers matchday thread

    Come on you reds, just win, don’t care how.
  14. fred binneys head

    Train tickets - help needed please

    Hi, If anyone out there can help I would appreciate it. I'm thinking of getting the train to exeter on Saturday but a day return from burton on Trent is £110. I've read on here several examples of people who have split up their journey and saved lots of wonga - how do you go about doing this?
  15. fred binneys head

    Named bricks at SJP

    I'm sure this thread will die quickly once I get the answer, but I've just walked round the park to look at the named bricks in the various walls along the Doble stand and I can find mine and my wife's but can't find the ones I did for my kids. Have some bricks been moved and, if so, where to...
  16. fred binneys head

    Club shop opening hours

    Does anyone know what hours the club shop is open tomorrow?
  17. fred binneys head

    Derby new manager

    Rowett - I got 1.33 but don't think you will get anything like that if you haven't already placed your bet already
  18. fred binneys head

    Norwich new manager

    Alan pardew.
  19. fred binneys head

    Next few games - kiss of death

    Well, our next few games and the opposition's current league position are as follows: Crawley (16) Hartlepool (22) Accrington (20) Cheltenham (19) Luton (5) Yeovil (17) The superstitious amongst you may think this is a 'kiss of death' or 'tempting fate', but as I don't believe in such nonsense...