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  1. Terryhall

    Ronaldo at Juventus

    I guess most won't much care but for those who do: Will he be a success or a flop in Serie A? Is he past it or does he still have years in the tank? Will he become the 2nd person to win the Champions League with 3 different teams? (pop quiz, name the other one?) Will he break the goalscoring...
  2. Terryhall

    Retained list / squad for 2017/2018

    Rather than looking back and thinking of what might have been, I thought it might be a more positive move to try and look forward. Obviously none of us know what will happen with the manager but whoever the manager is next season, whether it is Tisdale or a new manager, they will need to think...
  3. Terryhall

    80 points

    Out of interest I did some digging back - in the 2008/2009 promotion season we finished 2nd place with 79 points. You have to go all the way back to the title winning season of 1989/1990 to find the last time we secured 80 points or more in a season. Whatever the outcome in the playoffs I...
  4. Terryhall

    U17 World Cup

    England U17 have just gone 2-1 up against Brazil U17 in the semi final of the U17 world cup in Brazil. Liverpool's Rhian Brewster with both goals. Been a good year for the under-age England teams this year! Live feed and text etc available here -
  5. Terryhall

    Billericay Town - one to watch?

    So apparently Billericay Town are throwing a lot of money at a promotion push and aim to be in the Football League in 5 years time. Last season they signed Paul Konchesky and Jamie O'Hara, the BBC now reports that they are about to sign Jermaine Pennant with a weekly wage bill of £30,000 in...
  6. Terryhall

    The other end of the fair play league

    The article is in German, but the video at the end speaks for itself - Quick translation summary would be, this is a team formed by the ultras that follow FC Porto - 12 of the 13 teams in their league have refused to...
  7. Terryhall

    Trust AGM

    I was going to post this in the Tagg thread, but I think this perhaps warrants its own post. I received my e-mail this morning confirming the date and details for the Trust AGM and elections to the Trust Board. The link to the pack is here - I recall at last years AGM there were 4 posts...
  8. Terryhall

    Flybe sponsorship?

    First things first, I did a search and didn't see a thread on this already - as WOWS is generally for "all things ECFC" I figured I'd post this here. Not sure how many have seen this info already but could have an impact for ECFC - I don't know what the terms are of our sponsorship deal with...
  9. Terryhall

    Hi all, Firstly to the mod team, I did a search before posting this & also not entirely sure whether WoWS is the right place - apologies if there is already a thread on this topic or if this is in the wrong forum. I became aware today of a campaign called Football United...