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  1. Grecian Max

    Former Players

    He signed for WWFC because they were L1 and we weren't. He's a good L1 player, simple as.
  2. Grecian Max

    Matt Taylor - What do we think so far?

    Whilst history plays a part, one of the big issues the club had when I started supporting City cicra 1995 was this idea that ECFC "will always be ****". Football - as with any sector - isn't a static thing, there are so many variables for success that history is only one factor. Exeter as a...
  3. Grecian Max

    Ben Seymour

    Eh? That’s City appearances
  4. Grecian Max

    Ben Seymour

    According to the official site he's played 345 minutes which amounts to 3.8 full games
  5. Grecian Max

    Ben Seymour

    I don't agree with this at all.
  6. Grecian Max

    Dean Moxey

    Big shame he didn't get the send off he deserves. Feel old knowing that I've seen him go from kicking a ball against my parents garage again and again (no they didn't let me play) to watching him break into the first team in the Conference, some great moments (Shrewsbury away, Leigh home, Donny)...
  7. Grecian Max

    Matt Taylor is still King

    And I suggested we relook after 3 seasons which isn't that at all.
  8. Grecian Max

    Transfer Rumours 2020

    RE: Tom Smith, I watch Bath City a fair bit as they're my local team He's a talented player, I would be slightly confused as to me he's similar to Matt Jay and therefore more of an understudy again for someone like Nicky Law. We need wide players. Does score some great goals on what are *****...
  9. Grecian Max

    Who are the 8 players out of contract?

    You’ll never win anything with kids
  10. Grecian Max

    Matt Taylor is still King

    Sweeney.... is he overweight or is it his body type?
  11. Grecian Max

    Matt Taylor is still King

    I think he has done ok. I mean he has taken on a club in good shape, great academy, decent budget really for us (considering the signings he's made). Hard to compare really as Tisdale had a top non-league club (in a league that wasn't filled with loads ex-leagye teams at the time), and then...
  12. Grecian Max

    League 2 News

    That's a bit far, it was clear we had one of the best squads in the league.
  13. Grecian Max

    Exeter v Northampton - Play Off Final Discussion Thread

    **** just started to get a bit nervous about this, having not really been up for the semi-final given the circumstances Come on City please just do a nice comfortable 2-0, thanks
  14. Grecian Max

    Exeter v Northampton - Play Off Final Discussion Thread

    Thats a good one actually. Most painful Wembley moment? 1 Morecambes inevitable second on the counter after we looked comfortable in the fist half... celebrated by a tiny crowd 2 Hearing Blackpool score their second as I was being cuffed by the Met 3 Covs second just after half time, walking...
  15. Grecian Max

    Exeter v Northampton - Play Off Final Discussion Thread

    Haha I don't think it's a jinx, its just 3 out of 4 play offs ended in losses so I associate it with failure.... Robs header being the exception rather than rule....
  16. Grecian Max

    Exeter v Northampton - Play Off Final Discussion Thread

    I think we have a superior squad and should win but.... it's City at Wembley :(
  17. Grecian Max

    Bowman signs

    I love Bowman, the fact he can spurns chances before getting important winners makes me warm to him more some reason
  18. Grecian Max

    Cardboard cut out fans...

    As if Andy, you're well up for the reactions! Act your age. Enjoy your plants. Your scally comment says it all hahaha Right up your own arse :poop:
  19. Grecian Max

    Cardboard cut out fans...

    Jesus you love a dig at others don't you :D. Miserable.