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  1. rifraf

    Exeter City v Northampton Town - League 2 Playoff Final at Wembley Stadium

    Will comment sometime later. Too annoyed at performance ... on and off the pitch.
  2. rifraf

    Home leg prediction

    With ittle in the way of change: 0-2. (3-0 loss on agregate). Get caught out chasing the game. With changes: i.e Maxted; Sparkes (right wing attack - I saw Sparkes play that position in Weymouth and Dorchester PSFs ages ago - magic); Jay (starting); Randall - Taylor on bench 3-5-2...
  3. rifraf

    Cardboard cut out fans...

    Just ordered 3 .......... two in the family, and one (attached) from overseas who is visiting and now able to attend - what luck!
  4. rifraf

    The George Friend Interview

    Your secret is safe with me.....
  5. rifraf

    Wort zur Brunnerstraße

    Yep. I remember watching Keagan play for Hamburg when they came to Berlin in March or April 1980 - playing Hertha BSC in the Olympic Stadium. the Hertha manager had a fool proof system published in the newspapers on how to stop the Hamburg machine ....... man-to-man mark Keagan off the pitch...
  6. rifraf

    The Pitch

    Thanks Andy (and Oldsmobile-88)
  7. rifraf

    The Pitch

    Anybody know the current state of our pitch? it was starting to get quite badly cut up and boggy in parts what with all the rain February. Is it starting to look better? Are there any photos plse? (Sorry if there is a more appropriate and up-to-date thread, but this is the best I could find...
  8. rifraf

    Flybe Struggling (as ever)

    I hear the Turkish Restaurant on Sidwell St is favourite. Come on the Grecians! Oh, hang on a minute.........
  9. rifraf


    03/03 H Crewe D 1-1 07/03 A Walsall D 0-0 14/03 H Salford D 1-1 17/03 H Scunthorpe W 1-0 23/03 A Plymouth L 1-0 28/03 H Bradford W 2-1 9pts ...……… the way we're playing lately, hope I'm not too optimistic.
  10. rifraf

    Portsmouth V's Exeter City EFL Trophy SF Official Match Day Thread

    Looking forward to the team selection tonight? Last 16 = generous mix of youth. But now, winners of next game goes to Wembley ...….so generous mix of elite youth and hardy fringe players like Jay, Randall, Fisher, Holmes et al?
  11. rifraf

    Exeter City v Stevenage Mental Health Awareness Matchday Thread

    I was not at the game, so not qualified to comment on the performance overall - and of individuals. However …….. I notice once again that our two main strikers were not on the score sheet. Do we have an issue here? If so, do we (MT) have a slowly emerging problem?......…. and if so, what can...
  12. rifraf

    Exeter City v Colchester United Official Match Day Thread. 25/1/20 LD2

    Colchester start with their lead goal scorer Norris sat on the bench ……… is this a hint of defensive set-up, looking for an away point?
  13. rifraf

    Exeter City - The only team in the top 4 tiers not to concede a goal

    Remind me, who is in goal again for the team in 4th place above ...…….? That wouldn't be another Academy player surely ….? Yes, it would.
  14. rifraf

    Nicky Ajose

    Well spotted. I thought the same too. I saw some very clever off the ball running into good spaces, begging for a quick ball …… but largely unseen. As he (hopefully) meaningfully features more and more, I hope it's a simple case of adjustment and awareness by those around him. This guy has...
  15. rifraf

    Merry Christmas

    What! You can afford a sofa.........?
  16. rifraf

    Hartlepool United v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Yes we do. Each team gets an extra 4th sub.
  17. rifraf

    Exeter City U23s vs Doncaster Rovers U23. Premier League Cup. Match Day Thread

    Wouldn't mind but I swear he supports Argiggle
  18. rifraf

    Exeter City U23s vs Doncaster Rovers U23. Premier League Cup. Match Day Thread

    Any news guys...? Trying to follow the game from along way away.