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  1. muppetdodger

    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    That has naff all to do with it. Common sense says stop all mass gatherings. You'd be alright up at Accrington!! Not sure why its suitable to ban the fans but still make the players mingle. Surely if one or two players go down with it, they'll even have to stop the games. But I guess the...
  2. muppetdodger

    Flybe Struggling (as ever)

    This would be a fabulous idea.
  3. muppetdodger

    Flybe Struggling (as ever)

    Personally think Virgin will 'adopt' some of their routes, it makes good connectivity sense for them getting remote customers to larger intercontinental airports. Presumably the aggressively expanding Stobart Air might take some as well.
  4. muppetdodger

    Flybe Struggling (as ever)

    God if Ryan air are the answer we are in real trouble!
  5. muppetdodger

    Premier League Cup 2019-20

    Oh goodness, we don't want fulham! Newcastle would be a good one.
  6. muppetdodger

    Plymouth game moved to Monday night - confirmed

    This may be a dumb question and I'm sure there's a simple answer, but why can't sky televise it at 3pm on Saturday?
  7. muppetdodger

    Plym**th away tickets

    Plus also it guarantees them a seat that they want for every game, and they can reserve that seat for extra games like cup games etc. Just trust members cannot reserve a seat and hence have to take what's left.
  8. muppetdodger

    January Transfer Window Ins Outs And Rumours

    Guess that's my question answered!!
  9. muppetdodger

    January Transfer Window Ins Outs And Rumours

    Is there any mileage in the Stockley loan rumour?
  10. muppetdodger


    That is a bit OTT. thought he looked lacking in confidence on Saturday, I'm sure with more games he will improve, but comments like that aint gonna help!
  11. muppetdodger

    Nicky Ajose

    Spot on this!
  12. muppetdodger

    Red Legion Disbanded

    I see the club have issued a statement on this. Short and sweet, but whatever the Red Legion do, if the flag is not returned it surely isnt rocket science to trace the people who broke into the ground and did this. Personally it makes not a lot of difference to me, but I think if someone broke...
  13. muppetdodger

    Swindon v ECFC

    Yeah, unbelievable that Yates and Doyle have scored 36 or their 49 goals this season. That has knocked a big hole in their strike force provided no one else steps up and takes the helm.
  14. muppetdodger

    Nicky Ajose

    Surely he's bound to play against swindon having played for them and scored a hatful.
  15. muppetdodger

    January Transfer Window Ins Outs And Rumours

    I'd be astonished if Fish goes out. a) he's not fit right now b) he was playing regularly c) he started to find the net d) why would we get rid of a striker with Ajose and Seymour unknown quantities. That would be daft imho
  16. muppetdodger

    January Transfer Window Ins Outs And Rumours

    Think I read somewhere that on landing on his arm he had a pain relating to one of the screws in his arm put in after the original break.
  17. muppetdodger

    January Transfer Window Ins Outs And Rumours

    Ok, putting this out there, what about a loan of George Friend. Not playing where he is, may want to return to Devon as his career comes closer to finishing. He would make a great addition, but some players would have to go out. Looking at our squad size which is massive this isn't beyond the...
  18. muppetdodger

    FGR (Vegans) Vs Exeter City Match Day Thread

    Definite red, I don't know why people are really questioning it. Maxted did very well some first class top drawer saves, however, and I know I'll be slated for it, he lived a charmed life. His catching/punching choices were bizarre at times and had FGR been a bit more clinical they could have...
  19. muppetdodger

    Exeter City V Newport County Match Day -Boxing Day Thread.

    Well this sums you up. What a tool. I really enjoyed this game; it had everything. Mud larking, feistiness, bookings, commitment, a dreadful referee who reacted to the crowd, a great goal, a keeper from Newport who was good first half dreadful second half, comedy, injury and a great crowd. Which...