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    UK Lockdown

    Only anecdotal evidence, but my sister has a holiday let in Cornwall and that's now booked up for the rest of the year and into next.
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    Little things that annoy you

    Just need to compile a suitably stocked dossier first.
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    Little things that annoy you

    I've got a fair idea which neighbour it was. Their card is marked.
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    ECFC Face Masks

    All received today and looking good, thank you (y)
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    Little things that annoy you

    Balls to 'em. What annoyed me more was that they'd put one of their bags in the bin (and as they didn't bother to compact what was already in there, it meant the lid didn't shut properly) then left two bags next to the bin. If you're going to do that, leave them outside of your own house, not mine.
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    Fish fingers work in the standard sammidge toaster. They can tend to make it stick though.
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    Little things that annoy you

    One of my neighbours putting their rubbish in my bin. Use your own fecking bin and if you haven't got one, get one.
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    TV Times

    The Detectorists is similar in that it ticks along at a very gentle pace and not a huge amount happens but it’s still a good watch.
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    Social media presence

    I'm not really one for player interviews generally but really enjoyed those held with past players (y) I love the past, me.
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    UK Lockdown

    Genuine question, but what is the second wave? Do first wave cases need to fall below a certain level to consider that done?
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    Financial Problems at the FA

    My employer used to do some work for a county FA and whilst the area they covered wasn't really a footballing hotbed, they got very little funding from up top. They only had 3/4 full time employees, all on pretty low salaries. I think there's a bit of a misconception that all footballing bodies...
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    Who are the 8 players out of contract?

    I think this is it. There are a lot of financial questions up in the air at the moment and whilst any of the released players are free to look for employment elsewhere, there's no reason why, if they aren't successful, we couldn't approach them when things are a little more certain.
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    Matt Taylor is still King

    Without wanting to go all Gok, i don't think the football shirt does him too many favours as if you see him in normal clothes he looks quite slight. I've also seen a shirt of his which was being raffled off and was surprised at how small it was.
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    Matt Taylor is still King

    It would be a little unfair to judge anyone too harshly given how this season was curtailed. I'm still in #teammatt
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    It looks like Hitomi Tanaka. Not that i know who she is, of course.
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    Furlough the players to avoid a cashflow crisis

    If an employee was furloughed for at least three weeks, then came back to work, they can be re-furloughed. That's my understanding anyway.
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    Exeter City v Northampton Town - League 2 Playoff Final at Wembley Stadium

    They play just about the most basic style of football yet we can’t cope with it. Changes needed and now.
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    Exeter City v Northampton Town - League 2 Playoff Final at Wembley Stadium

    I was about to say exactly the same.
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    Exeter City v Northampton Town - League 2 Playoff Final at Wembley Stadium

    Right, i'm hanging up me keyboard for now so... COME ON YOOOOUUUU REDS!
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    I'm bored. Anyone fancy a virtual **** up?

    I've just seen that Larry Loud is sat behind Al Yates. That could get fruity.