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  1. J

    Statistics and Club History

    I recently came across the link on this page which goes to a website showing all player stats, fixtures, results and attendances etc, however it only appears to go back to the late 80’s. For example when filtering all player stats by goals scored, Mr Flack is top on 90 odd and interestingly...
  2. J

    Formation for new season

    I know we have a separate starting 11 thread but would be interested to see what people think about the formation we should start with for the season ahead. Based on the players we have I'm tempted to go for a 3-1-4-2 given our lack of decent full backs. Olejnik...
  3. J

    FA CUP Windfall

    So far to date we have earned nearly a quarter of a million during this years fa cup campaign, which proves how important a cup run is! R1 TV = £67,500 R1 winnings = £18,000 R2 TV = £12,500 R2 Winnings = £27,000 R3 TV = £144,000 + potentially R3 winnings of £67,500 when we beat Liverpool and...