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  1. Ian Sideman

    Celebrity Big Brother 2014

    Don't knock it Tone. Could be a good source of income if the old measuring slows up. I bet you could do a good chalkie impression.
  2. Ian Sideman

    Celebrity Big Brother 2014

    Not a fan Tone? I suspect you're in the Jim Davidson camp. You could get work as his lookalike.
  3. Ian Sideman


    Exeweb ain't losing out. Chairman Lez knows which side his crumpet is buttered.
  4. Ian Sideman

    What was for lunch thread

    Crumpets. Thick ones.
  5. Ian Sideman

    Celebrity Big Brother 2014

    Cheapening a thread again Logster. If you class watching the tele as voyeurism, then guilty as charged. I'm definitely not a voyeurer. Keep Dappy in!
  6. Ian Sideman


    Thanks for the jam compliments. Can I suggest you try a Warbuton's crumpet. I'm happy to send you each a pack if you DM your address.
  7. Ian Sideman

    Celebrity Big Brother 2014

    Amazed there's no thread on this. I watch this every day. Twice if I can. I'm rooting for Dappy. What a fine upstanding young man. That Luisa is well scary.
  8. Ian Sideman

    Tagg on Sky Sports News

    I'm a ****aki :)
  9. Ian Sideman


    Decent typing speed. I wonder what his tea's like?
  10. Ian Sideman


    Nor does he have a job.
  11. Ian Sideman


    I'm not being controversial for controversies sake, however... Is the Warburton crumpet the most superiorest in the supermarket? I've done my research and that's my opinion. Perfect with butter and raspberry jam.
  12. Ian Sideman

    Club Cricket 2014

    No, Credy's a RAO medium pacer, swings it a bit, sometimes nips it around on a green top. Quite handy. Catches well and bats. He's quite accomplished. Especially when he tries hard, which isn't often enough! :)
  13. Ian Sideman

    Las Vegas.....

    You'll find all you need for a Stag Party. Go for it. It's safe now as well, as long as you don't go anywhere silly. You don't want too big a group, as some places get a bit edgy. I've been on two chaps weekends to Vegas. Having said that, it was 10 years ago.
  14. Ian Sideman

    Last film watched..

    The Wolf of Wall Street Overly long. Glorifying in excesses. I don't really recommend it. Occasionally funny. Far from Scorcese's best work. I read the book(s) a couple of years ago. That was average too.
  15. Ian Sideman

    Club Cricket 2014

    I'm retired now WMM. Usually do one game a month, so 5 in total. That's ample. Too old. Eyes and knees and heart have gone.
  16. Ian Sideman

    What book are you reading ...

    Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell I've read most of Mr. Gladwell's work. Always interesting. Adds some grist to the mill. Recommend.
  17. Ian Sideman

    Club Cricket 2014

    Well done on fronting up Credy fella. Toughest job in the world, skippering the dinkies.
  18. Ian Sideman


    Squashed? Only kidding fella.
  19. Ian Sideman

    Did you know...?

    Prostitution is compulsory in Idaho.
  20. Ian Sideman

    Happy Birthday Chairman Lez!

    Happy Birthday Lez! Don't PONDer too much on your old age!