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  1. GJW

    Arteta’s hair

    Anyone else feel uneasy about it? Losing sleep, waking upon a cold sweat thinking about it?
  2. GJW

    FGR game on iFollow

    Just bought a match pass for this game. I thought they didn’t show live games in the UK on Bank Holidays, but this must be an exception.
  3. GJW

    Exeter v Cheltenham predictions and wild guess thread

    A tight game. Can’t make my mind up whether to go for a 2-1 win or a 1-1 draw. Should be a good crowd with a good away support. Weather for Saturday looks dry at the moment. Will Fisher get a start? 5,406 in attendance.
  4. GJW

    Is it too early .....

    ...... to put up the Christmas tree? My 3 kids want me to put it up this weekend. Daughter is watching Gavin and Stacey Christmas special at the moment and I can’t stop humming Slade and Wizard songs. Help me out here. Ho Ho Ho.
  5. GJW

    Season ticket question

    If I bought 2 season tickets, one for myself and one for whoever I wanted to bring with me on a match by match basis, is that allowable or does each season ticket have to be by name? Does the named person have to attend? What if I wanted to bring my Son to some games but friends to others? If I...
  6. GJW

    New Coventry third kit

    Celebrating 40 years of 2-tone. They’ll be wearing it on Sunday during the live Sky game against Tranmere. Looks smart. Might have to get one.
  7. GJW

    City v Grimsby predictions and Chat

    So, tonight I had a chance to watch the game in full on ifollow. Only after seeing the game did I realise just how tough the opposition were, second to Swindon from what I have so far seen this season (apart from Coventry of course). They were a strong, powerful side that were on pretty much...
  8. GJW

    Exeter v Port Vale prediction and general soothsaying thread

    I'll start the ball rolling with a 2-1 win in front of 3984. Bowman on the score sheet please, and a Nicky Law added time goal.
  9. GJW

    Will the people of Exeter turn up

    Exeter are top of the league by 2 points after seven games. They are undefeated, winning 5. They have scored 10 goals and have the second best defensive record in the league. Chiefs are not playing at home next week. I’m not sure how the start to this season compares to some of the past but it’s...
  10. GJW

    Albums and movies you have purchased....

    ....but not got around to watching/listening to yet. So many to list. Band of Brothers box set. Had for 2-3 years and still not watched. It. Control (Joy Division) movie. Had for about 3 or 4 months and still not watched it. Who has had an album or movie the longest that has still not been...
  11. GJW

    Our global ranking

    580th. Not bad. Above Argyle as well.
  12. GJW

    Avatar - profile picture

    Can you change it back to a square. A circle just does not show off my best attributes. I feel like someone has cut the corners from my sandwich. I’ve been left crustless.
  13. GJW

    Favourite board games

    Trivial Pursuit and Risk, although haven’t played Risk in years. When I was about 9 I had the Superstars board game, based on the TV Sports show in the late seventies. I would play that for hours. Brilliant game. Anyone got any obscure favourites?
  14. GJW

    ECFC club badge on kits

    Where can I find a bit of factual history on when we started using a club crest on our shirts? In the Grecian Archive team photos it shows the white kit of 1967/68 with the old castle crest on the black and red shield, then nothing until the eighties (I think). I have a retro shirt that is...
  15. GJW

    Portsmouth v Sunderland final

    Really looking forward to this. Not sure if the football will be top drawer but the passion and atmosphere should be great with a record crowd for a Checkatrade final and the colours of the traditional blues v reds (like the original subbuteo team colours). Will be watching on Sky this...
  16. GJW

    Tranmere programme

    I’m after a copy of the programme for the home fixture on 2nd March. Went to club shop today but they didn’t have a copy left. Can anyone else help with a spare or know where I can buy one. Cheers.
  17. GJW

    50/50 draw today

    Didn’t hear the draw at halftime. Was it done and was there a winner? Do I throw away the tickets or is there still hope?
  18. GJW

    Ifollow login problem

    Showing the game is available for tomorrow night, match ticket. Can’t seem to login, even when I do a password reset. Anyone else having problems or is it just me?
  19. GJW

    Northampton away - Saturday 9th March

    Kick off time changed to 2pm. Will be my first away game this season and a new ground for me. Also watching Coventry v Burton on Friday night. Double bubble weekend of football. Looking forward to it.
  20. GJW

    Thick attack - photos

    How do I upload a photo to a post from my photos on my tablet? If I press the photo icon it asks for a url. How do I find that?