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  1. Ian Sideman

    Celebrity Big Brother 2014

    Amazed there's no thread on this. I watch this every day. Twice if I can. I'm rooting for Dappy. What a fine upstanding young man. That Luisa is well scary.
  2. Ian Sideman


    I'm not being controversial for controversies sake, however... Is the Warburton crumpet the most superiorest in the supermarket? I've done my research and that's my opinion. Perfect with butter and raspberry jam.
  3. Ian Sideman

    Happy Birthday Chairman Lez!

    Happy Birthday Lez! Don't PONDer too much on your old age!
  4. Ian Sideman

    You should occasionally listen to Jeremy Vine on Radio 2...

    .......just so you can reconfirm that moronic imbeciles can climb the greasy pole. Bur don't listen too often as the ****** will wear you down into a spitting, foaming mess. He's a d******d of the highest order. Todays discussion involved a caller discussing the phoney signer for the deaf...
  5. Ian Sideman

    Can you mediate?

    The wife and I had a blazing row last night. She's been down the butchers and ordered the Christmas turkey - which is fine. But rather than order the Gammon we've been having for the last 15 years, she's gone and ordered a rib of beef!! As you can imagine, I went mentoe when Belinda told me...
  6. Ian Sideman

    What phone should I get?

    My phone's falling apart and quite frankly I want to get a new number to stop people calling me. What phone should I go for? My technical experts say I should get an iphone5, others say the HTC One is the best. Any phone gurus in exewebland? I would like to use it for the occasional phone...
  7. Ian Sideman

    Any Car Insurance Brokers or experts in Exewebland?

    How does one go about insuring a 17 year old new driver in a £1000 car for less than a £2500 premium? All advice appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Ian Sideman

    Curb Your Enthusiam

    Any fans in Exewebland? I came to it late. Now working my way through the box set. IMO very funny. Makes me LOL anyway.
  9. Ian Sideman

    My phone contract has come to an end...

    What's the best mobile phone deal out there? I don't want to make any calls or send any texts and I never look at the internet or play music. All advice welcomed.
  10. Ian Sideman

    Paul Wotton on his way..

    Apparently Paul Wotton is close to sign a one year contract with us. Seems he's surplus to Sheridan's requirement and Tisdale has been chasing him for a few years now. He'll certainly stiffen our midfield. Looking forward to seeing him in the red & white stripes.
  11. Ian Sideman

    Happy Easter Everyone!

    Here's to a great weekend and a big big win at Gnome Park! Toodle pip Exewebbers! Have fun x
  12. Ian Sideman

    Farewell old chums

    Thanks to those chaps and ladies who've made this forum a lot of fun over the last few years. I've enjoyed your company - Log, Postie, Swanny, AU, Poult, Fever, A2000, RTP, LLL, JasonH and many others. Unfortunately it seems that this forum is for "serious posters" only. Mickey-taking, gags...
  13. Ian Sideman

    We want Lez

    He's supposed to on at 7. Where is our leader? I'm starting a chant. Please join in. We want Lez!
  14. Ian Sideman

    Antony Moxey IS Keith Lemon

    It's so obvious. Don't now why it's not been raised before. The dodgy haircut, the orange go-kart, the propensity for phrases such as "smash her back doors in", the medallion etc. It all adds up. The only thing missing is the moustache. Welcome to the forum Keith!
  15. Ian Sideman


    Heard via a usually clued up sauce that two top Prem sides are showing very serious interest in Paul Jones. Funny old world innit? I wonder whether we would benefit?
  16. Ian Sideman

    How long's your day?

    For me, a typical day means leaving home at 6.30am and getting back between 7.30 & 8pm. How about you?
  17. Ian Sideman

    Gazza on the Piers Morgan Show

    I watched this on Saturday evening. Very very sad. Frustrating that he allows himself to be treated as a freak show by manipulative people like Morgan. He's a very unpleasant piece of work - Morgan that is. Encouraging to hear Gazza's been off the booze for 11 months however it looked and...
  18. Ian Sideman

    How's Nursey?

    Anyone know how Nursey is? I heard she's been unwell. Please pass on my best wishes to my favourite exeweb lady xx
  19. Ian Sideman

    James Dunne

    I heard on the grapevine that the reason Tis has stuck James Dunne out on the wide right is because he got fed up with him not playing to pattern and regularing being caught of position while covering every blade of grass. Tis decided this had to end. James is dunne roaming. I thank you!
  20. Ian Sideman

    I just had a Greggs Sausage Roll.....

    ....what will you never do again?