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  1. malcolms

    Aren't we all delighted?

    We now have a manager who speaks his mind, rarely looks for excuses and has us at the top of the league. As a result this forum has been effectively emasculated and we couldn't be happier. :)
  2. malcolms

    Jim Iley RIP

    Not a roaring success, but still deserves to be remembered and acknowledged as a City manager
  3. malcolms

    Total Apathy

    This post is directed to Lez and the rest of the Exeweb guys.... The current malaise that is casting a shroud over everything is also killing your website....The last post, other than the youth stuff, was more than 4 hours ago, people can't even be bothered to be bothered any more.....Time for...
  4. malcolms

    View from a different angle......
  5. malcolms

    Apologies if this has been covered.

    Did anyone know that we have a site in Russian dedicated to the club???? :S Apologies, if it's been covered and feel free to delete the thread, if so.
  6. malcolms

    Anyone got a copy?

    The Olympics provide the perfect opportunity to remember the club's "interesting" trip to Rio and ask some questions about how it was financed. It appears shrouded in the same sort of fog that regularly masks the Great Redeemer.... Has anyone got a copy of the DVD of the trip? If so, do you...
  7. malcolms

    Ashley Nadesan

    Local lad playing in step 6 for Horley Town ... Already scored over 90 goals in the last 2 seasons... Creating interest amongst league clubs... Is he the next Vardy? Could be.... Anyone willing to take the chance?
  8. malcolms

    Breaking news......

    According to the Telegraph, ECFC have appointed a new manager ahead of the game with Liverpool tomorrow. "We are not just looking to sit back and hold on. I don't want to do that. I think we need to have some intent about us. I don't think we should hold back and wait for the game to happen." -...
  9. malcolms

    Alfie May

    Can someone who has a closer connection to the club management than I presently enjoy, suggest that they take a close look at Alfie May...currently playing for Erith and Belvedere he is scoring shed loads of goals... I have seen him play three times and although he is short, he is really...
  10. malcolms

    The thing that has impressed me about PT

    I am not a "toenailer" or a "rose tinter" so when I compliment PT you know it is sincere. Most managers who have a team over a time cycle, handle the ups pretty well, the challenge is in the downs and in the ability to revive a teams fortunes when its taken a knock or two. I'm not sure how, but...
  11. malcolms

    Kevin Amankwaah

    Piece of local news. Sutton United have signed Amankwaah....and Jo Kuffour....
  12. malcolms

    Another lecture on what it means to be "supporter owned"
  13. malcolms

    Where's the support for PT?

    When things were going well there was always a vocal minority who weren't convinced and prepared to question the sustainability of the status quo both on and off the field. At the time, they were drowned out by those who were more than happy to luxuriate in the relative success of making it to...
  14. malcolms

    In recognition of a very difficult year for supporters......

    In recognition of a very difficult year for supporters, Fulham have just sent me an email offering a seated season ticket for 2014/2015 for £299, this is a reduction of £100 on this year's offering. It is just possible that they may still be in the Premier League, but at worst, they will be in...
  15. malcolms

    Just a thought....

    I realise that we probably need every penny we can get but we also need to get some points and to do that we need to change something at home... Sutton United had an open day on Saturday when they played Basingstoke...They invited TV AM down and all admission was free. They had an attendance of...
  16. malcolms

    Keep your mobile on during the game Paul.....

    Third time lucky Mr Jenkins:)
  17. malcolms

    Has PT been in the Middle East

    I mentioned it on the thread about Pre Season friendlies but no one has responded so I thought I would draw attention to it... I returned yesterday morning on a BA flight from Amman in Jordan and someone who bore an uncanny resemblance to PT was on the flight...It was either him...or his...
  18. malcolms

    It may please many

    As Exeweb seems to have become the home of the prejudiced arbitor/moderator, I'm not sure that continued participation is either helpful or desirable...I have no doubt that this thread will be locked like the others, which will be sad and reflect a worrying trend of interference in what is after...
  19. malcolms

    And I had you down as

    Someone who was more sensible.... You will kill Exeweb if you and the other Mods persist in this stupidity
  20. malcolms

    Here we go again

    This is getting this a forum or the editors room in a Soviet newspaper?