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  1. scottus86

    Starting eleven for the first game of the 24/25 season

    I'm sure PeteUSA would love to join your group.
  2. scottus86

    Transfers in/outs Summer of 2024 and Retained list

    While the volley technique was excellent, it was the assist that won that goal "goal of the season"
  3. scottus86

    Exeter City Women 2023/24 (Champions)

    Well done ladies! Ref seemed to want Bournemouth to win,so even more well done.
  4. scottus86

    Exeter City Women 2023/24 (Champions)

    Silly tackle that.
  5. scottus86

    Yanic Wildschut

    Yeah, not a bad squad player. Good enough for this level but probably not a first choice because of his age. Maybe a potential coach in the future? He seems settled here from what I've seen in his interviews.
  6. scottus86

    City v Oxford Utd Matchday Thread

    Alli is going to be something for us next season. I like Cox too and think he's been good for us this season, but I think a loan to a league 2 team next season would be good for him. We'll need to sign a couple of strikers again this summer to challenge Alli.
  7. scottus86

    Scapegoat XI

    I always felt Sercombe got given a hard time on exeweb.
  8. scottus86

    Northampton Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread - Kick off 2-00 PM

    I thought Tisdale held the record for number of away wins?
  9. scottus86

    Goal of the season

    Harsh to choose. Demitri Mitchell's first one. Both Sonny Cox v Bolton, Reece Coles curler or that fantastic assist by Borges and excellent volley by Harris. I think I'll go with Harris.
  10. scottus86

    Port Vale v Exeter City match day thread

    I think you could have replaced Carrol with Kite in many of our games and you wouldn't have seen a difference.
  11. scottus86

    Port Vale v Exeter City match day thread

    Now that we're safe we should be able to play with a bit more freedom and flair. On the flip side Port Vale will be scraping for every point they can get. City win and a Cheltenham win today. Let's get those Northern teams out the league.
  12. scottus86

    Port Vale v Exeter City match day thread

    I thought Diabate signed an extension?
  13. scottus86

    No more iFollow

    Whereas if there were games on Sundays, I'd actually be able to attend. Swings and round abouts.
  14. scottus86

    The Official Exeter City versus Satanage Matchday Thread

    The pressure is off, we make up some of that goal difference by scoring 5. Final score 5-1
  15. scottus86

    Caldwell out?

    As promised, I said I'd change my vote at 50 points and league 1 secured for next season and I think we're there now. Well done to the players, management and board who kept the faith when so many of us thought it was fubar. I see there's a little mini league of teams with 51 points, we should...
  16. scottus86

    Cheltenham Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread.

    Burton, Port Vale, Fleetwood and Carlisle going down would be pretty decent.
  17. scottus86

    Cheltenham Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread.

    Surely that's a foul?
  18. scottus86

    Exeter City v Charlton Athletic Matchday thread.

    Keep up with the updates, I'm reading them and no-one else is posting anything.
  19. scottus86

    Caldwell out?

    GC took a while to win me over but after the first 8 or so games this season I was convinced he was our man. Then we didn't win in what seemed at first like unfortunate streak, but manifested into one of out worst runs ever. I don't think you can criticise anyone who wanted to get rid of him...
  20. scottus86

    Caldwell out?

    One more win and I'll change my vote. Credit where it's due, Caldwell has stopped the rot and there's some green roots shooting through now. It seems like a lot of the squad had to gel and also get used to and understanding the way Caldwell wants to play. I think we're finally seeing some...