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  1. Jason H

    Viljami Sinisalo (in on loan)

    Indeed, as per post #435!
  2. Jason H

    Viljami Sinisalo (in on loan)

    My little cameo in that video was highlighted to me before I saw it (the devilishly handsome and definitely not looking about 8 months pregnant chap almost laughing with incredulity when we conceded against Wigan at 9:17).
  3. Jason H

    Will Aimson joins on a permanent contract

    Indeed, I remember this difference being quite stark during the time when Paul Buckle was a target after his "encounter" with a former (?) Exewebber. One away match he was playing in midfield with one of our youngsters - probably Danny Clay. Buckle ballooned one in the air and received a load of...
  4. Jason H

    Obituary Thread

    Very sad news - a man of genuine integrity and decency, who always fought for what he believed was right, often on a bi-partisan basis (and which meant he had friends across the political spectrum). The treatment he received as a result of the "kinder, gentler politics" was nothing short of...
  5. Jason H

    SJP naming rights

    And, unlike Brentford, I don't think SJP is directly on the flightpath?
  6. Jason H

    League One - 2023/24

    "Sponsorship", I suspect. FGR's front of shirt sponsor just *happens* to be his company. I bet that was a particularly lucrative deal.
  7. Jason H

    Former Players

    Still be closer to the pace than Muskwe!
  8. Jason H

    Former Players

    And pretty much exactly what James Scott ought to have offered, obviously that didn't work out.
  9. Jason H

    League One - 2023/24

    Back when the "Statto" website was consistently updated I used to use it to produce what I called the "Natural Level Quotient", the simple stat calculation being average league position since WWII.
  10. Jason H

    Ethan Ampadu

    I think their deduction is a Premier League one so would apply when they're next promoted - equal and opposite to Sheffield United, who assuming they go down this season will start on minus points next season - or their next Championship season if by some miracle they stay up this time.
  11. Jason H

    Cricket 2024

    It's pretty well known that we get a raw deal out of being tenants at HQ, but the powers that be issued a statement on Sunday effectively poo-pooing the article in the Times and saying that for the foreseeable at least we won't be going anywhere. There had been thoughts around developing the...
  12. Jason H

    More changes to the FA Cup

    The FA caves. Grrrrrrr.
  13. Jason H

    Jake Richards

    On the other hand, if you watch player interviews back in the day, they could barely string two words together. I'd rather have someone speaking eloquently even if only in platitudes than have an interviewer ask a question and the response being barely audible and monosyllabic. As for Richards...
  14. Jason H

    Is Project 6000 and sustainability in L1 compatible with selling our "Gems"?

    Ha - without wishing to get all political (political? moi?) it reminds me of the experiment that was done in Islington where people were asked if they wanted to pay more tax. Those that said "yes" (and, being Islington, there were quite a few) were then presented with a link to the government...
  15. Jason H

    Cricket 2024

    I might go "all in" on the final game week, who knows...! I know the first week in particular was impacted by the weather (ironically the only time we've lost was day 4 the week just gone), but one positive result in two game weeks suggests the experiment hasn't been a roaring success. We've...
  16. Jason H

    Cricket 2024

    Morning All - dipping in from time to time while avoiding the Social Club forum.... Not exactly been an exciting start for Middx back in Div 2, unless you enjoy players cruising to double (and triple) tons. Yay the Kookaburra ball! On the plus side I WFH on Fridays and Mondays so the early...
  17. Jason H


    Clap clap from me.
  18. Jason H

    Reading - New Years Day 2024

    Should be a clap clap for this one - best get on with it however if I want the cheaper ticket.
  19. Jason H

    Stevenage Away - Saturday 16 December

    Clap clap from me.
  20. Jason H

    Cambridge away - Friday 22 December

    Clap clap from me - we usually finish early on the last day before Christmas so I've postponed travelling to Dorset until the Saturday.