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  1. J

    Latest Club News..

    We got married in Mauritius many years ago, would love to go back one day !
  2. J

    Youth 2023/24

    I am sure they will post a report in the week at some point 😜 Thanks for all the info and updates you post 👍
  3. J

    Youth 2023/24

    My source played in the game, they definitely lost 3-2
  4. J

    Youth 2023/24

    They lost 3-2
  5. J

    The Official Exeter City versus Burton Albion Matchday Thread

    Wildschut has got Caprice on Toast 😁
  6. J

    Former Players

    Nick Law is Head Coach at Tampa Bay Rowdies
  7. J

    Lincoln City v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Pretty much how I saw the game today 👍
  8. J

    ***** 23rd March **** Your neighbours need your support - Torquay United in peril

    Maybe they can help sort the Gulls leaky defence 😁
  9. J

    Youth 2023/24

    I didn’t say Argyle were playing any first year pro’s yesterday, I have seen them play lots over the years and they usually have several third years scholars / first year pro’s playing, it’s not that unusual, most teams always have one or two overage players playing for a variety of reasons.
  10. J

    Youth 2023/24

    Argyle regularly play several first year pros and our first year pro’s only played 30 mins and 60 mins today, neither of them were on the pitch when we scored the winner so I am not sure they were that instrumental in us winning the game, although they both contributed well whilst they were on...
  11. J

    Reading vs Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Good on you for being brave enough to start the first MTD of 2024 👍
  12. J

    Any whispers or rumours ?

    I didn’t say I thought it said much, I just said I remember him saying it.
  13. J

    Any whispers or rumours ?

    I remember him saying that at some point
  14. J

    Exeter City vs Portsmouth Matchday Thread (Friday 29th December)

    Happy Birthday 🎂 🎉🍺🎈
  15. J

    Harry Lee

    Exactly what was going to say, Jokull was ok but not top notch IMO
  16. J

    Cambridge United v Exeter City Official Matchday Thread.

    Fair enough, football is all about opinions, I totally agree that Kite is often if not always one of the hardest working players, IMO he lacks quality in others areas as evidenced this evening.
  17. J

    Cambridge United v Exeter City Official Matchday Thread.

    I think there is a good player there in Wildchut, maybe just needs a run of games to get match fit
  18. J

    Cambridge United v Exeter City Official Matchday Thread.

    You don’t have to be fit to be able to pass the ball, I think you know that anyway 😜