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  1. Gilbert

    2024 Summer Transfer Window

    Andrew P, I am sure you are right about Hatchie "the Cornflake Kid" and Keith Bowker arriving in '73 and Shirley Templeman and King Lammie in '74 (all four quality by the way, I remember a Keith Bowker goal against Charlton, I think, being shown on the Big Match on Sunday... a diving header...
  2. Gilbert

    2024 Summer Transfer Window

    I hate that... greedy b******s. Are the sausage rolls warm and flakey or cold and greasy? As for the cheese and pickle sarnies, we really need one that knows how to the ball in the onion bag!
  3. Gilbert

    2024 Summer Transfer Window

    Now, that is an analogy I can get on board with being a connoisseur of a buffet. I don't mind cheese and pineapple on a stick at all but don't like being left with a cheese sandwich triangle where the top slice of bread is really stale and curly and what is left of the grated cheese has become...
  4. Gilbert

    2024 Summer Transfer Window

    Sadly, I am plenty old enough to pre-date both Sky Sports News and transfer windows. Therefore, some advice please. if commenting on transfers is it now obligatory to refer to every completed transfer as being "over the line"? We didn't used to know anything much about transfers until a black...
  5. Gilbert

    Matt Taylor - sacked by Rotherham & employed by Bristol Rovers

    I remember watching Frankie Prince, which kinda gives us a link back to Brizzle Rovers!
  6. Gilbert

    Ethan Ampadu

    Funny you should say that. I heard him interviewed on Talk Sport earlier this week on a piece they did about Leeds. I have to say that I was struck by how well he did speak and conduct himself during that radio interview. I almost texted a message to the effect that not only does Exeter City...
  7. Gilbert

    Jay Stansfield

    And for the Mr. Men also :giggle:
  8. Gilbert

    ***** 23rd March **** Your neighbours need your support - Torquay United in peril

    Many thanks for your reply Doug and also to yourself, Nick, Elaine, Pete, Martin, Dacre (much missed indeed) et al, for all you have done over the years for our club and for reaching out to our neighbours. Whereas I realised there had been dialogue over the years I did not quite understand the...
  9. Gilbert

    ***** 23rd March **** Your neighbours need your support - Torquay United in peril

    As much as I do not disagree with you, (because similar conversations did take place), I am not certain that this necessarily gives a true picture Egg. Whereas I recall conversations where we effectively 'brain-stormed' ideas for approaching well know City fans, such as Noel tidy beard, and/or...
  10. Gilbert

    Exeter City v Derby County matchday thread

    Literally the worst post of the entire evening. Derby NOT literally in a different league tonight or literally we would not be playing them in this league, as literally we would not be in the same league... literally!!!
  11. Gilbert

    ***** 23rd March **** Your neighbours need your support - Torquay United in peril

    YellowMayday... You have my support for what its worth, and frankly I wonder why it has taken so long for anyone among true Torquay fans to take some form of initiative... so good on you for trying!. I hope you've got a thick skin though. Some of the folk on here appear to have short memories in...
  12. Gilbert

    Special General Meeting

    O for goodness sake... surely a Trust resolution is NOT required. Open communication with supporters in a fan owned club must be one of the least of the benefits of ownership. The current situation therefore goes beyond whether Mr. Caldwell should be sacked or not and to the heart of whether...
  13. Gilbert

    Caldwell out?

    Totally and absolutely agree with you and that’s my point. The guy has a vested interest. Neither he nor any individual should be making those kinds of decisions on behalf of the membership.
  14. Gilbert

    Caldwell out?

    I know Taggy (a little better than) averagely well and to suggest that he wouldn’t do anything that would benefit Taggy is frankly absolute nonsense. I do think you are right and that he is ambitious for the club - as long as it remains mutually beneficial.
  15. Gilbert

    Caldwell out?

    Wait… what now??? Tagg has been aware of offers made for a share in the club. Not that I would necessarily entertain them, I am pretty much all in as far as Trust ownership goes (at least unless and until a perfectly acceptable partner investor comes forward), but Tagg doesn’t get to decide...
  16. Gilbert

    Cliff Hill Training Ground Tour

    Yes, I used to watch St.Luke’s at the Park too, before I was old enough to travel to away games. Unless my memory is playing tricks on me, they used to play in light blue and dark blue quarters. The small crowd was restricted to the Old Grandstand and we (my cousin and I - not the entire crowd)...
  17. Gilbert

    Exeter City vs Luton - EFL Cup - match day thread.

    That's just what a former hack who cobbles his postings together in a couple of minutes would write ;) Ever since you had us playing 'guess the potential summer signing in the Director's Box', I remind myself that whenever I read your postings, there isn't any great science behind them. :LOL:
  18. Gilbert

    Oxford United v Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    Sincere apologies, I am really not trying to wind anyone up or cause any offence but... TALK ABOUT KNEE JERK. I could pick any number of quotes... "FFS. How many more games will we hear about bad days at the office and move on the next?" ... "Having supported City for many moons I can’t recall...
  19. Gilbert

    Exeter City vs Reading - EFL Trophy - match day thread. 7pm kick off

    Absolutely get how embarrassing it is to lose at home by such a margin and find ourselves in the record books for all the wrong reasons but my goodness there are some OTT reactions to a match that was evidently and so very obviously treated by those who are paid to make decisions as low...