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    Paul Morrish

    Steve Perryman's comments to the press --'NOt a nice place to be inany more' etc on his retirement from the club and the ongoing Paul Tisdale's contract & last week on Radio Devon Taggy would not be drawn on the subject. Dave----- am I anywhere near?
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    The playing policy is WRONG Any neutral visitor would have difficuties in knowing which was the home team. Poor old Stockley,you can't help feel sorry for the lad. How about 4 4 2 for a change!!! We would be in a right old mess without him.
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    The Pitch

    Can anyone explain why our pitch is so c--p after it was dug up 2 seasons in a row ,and a vast amount of money spent on getting what Tisdale wanted? Also we were told the money came from the playing budget.
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    Steve Perryman retiring

    Steve Perryman In Thurs. E&E Item on '...Perryman to step down.....Pg61 The last paragraph is a little strange---- He says & i quote--- .............'.I've started to learn its not only money people that are ego driven .There's more & more at this cluband I don't want to be part of it' Any...
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    We would get absolutely rinsed in league one.....

    Reid & Stockley do not gel too much alike Too much long ball Go back to playing football! Results will follow
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    Big bank roof

    AND did anyone else notice the new floodlit pylon was moving from side to side in the gale?
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    Here we go again

    Taking the readings of the away 'friendlies' (not the results they don't matter) but the SCORES With the exit of Ollie ---can anyone suggest where the goals are coming from this season? No good relying on Reed & Wheeler all the time.
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    New website

    Regarding the Team for next season---retained & going & offered No mention of ETHAN AMPADU any knowledge?
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    wembley sunday 28th

    Thanks to all for suggestions this sounds the most likely thank you all.
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    wembley sunday 28th

    Unable to travel by any of the coaches that may be going --I am finding myself driving by car Anyone with any SENSIBLE suggestions how to get to wembley without driving through London. i.e park & tube?
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    Playoffs Twist and Turns Thread

    only 1 man to blame for our 'twist'
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    Tisdale must go ...

    Re: Tisdale must go I hope the Kellow family enjoyed that! Christ how much longer do we have to put up with this? The team selection & tactics----does he really want to reach the playoffs I though the Yeovil match was bad---job to tell which was the Home team.
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    Player of the season

    Don't forget the hard work put in by TROY BROWN
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    City v Yeovil

    I have just read all the hype & rubbish written in Thurs E & E re last saturdays match City for 85 mins were crap & Yeovil were even worse. Easily the worst team up the park this season. If it wasn't for the purple patch in injury time this would be seen as the match that ended the playoff...
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    Fans' Forum

    anyone able to update us on last night---anything new or the usual old twaddle? unable to attend---away for two days.
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    John Fox

    Andy--- Related to Car Parking-- Helping John Fox for years was a MR Wright (of known fame!) On saturday I saw Mr Wright being helped into the hadicap toilets not looking at all well Has he had a bad spell? If he has please pass on our best wishes.
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    An existential crisis at our club

    Agree post of the year. But will not be read by the people we need to read it--& IF they did-- won't do a thing. Having got that off your chest(and I compleatly agree with all that was said) We can all sit here and moan but WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT????? If we go down we won't...
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    Tisdale must STAY

    or even ebay!
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    help needed

    Sports dept. of the E&E./WMN. Sunday Independent Please come to our help Stop sitting on the fence & surely even you can see we can't put up with this shambles. Reporters of the past would have blasted the home record ---not just report what Tisdale wants you to print We have to get...
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    Tisdale must go ...

    Re: Tisdale must go over 3000 not much of a boycott!