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  1. wiveygrecian

    brentford v city match day thread

    Yes that’s the one , Paul Jones saved a second half penalty as well
  2. wiveygrecian

    Former Players

    Just seems poor that we have nearly complete a whole season without Josh and we still haven’t been paid a penny!
  3. wiveygrecian

    Port Vale v. Exeter prediction and discussion thread

    Port Vale in the bottom 4 again ,really need to make this game count. They’ve got 3 home matches left and Bolton away. Who knows what team we will play but it would be lovely to go 8 unbeaten I think we will win 2-1 Alli and Aimson with the goals
  4. wiveygrecian

    Reece Cole

    Yes I watched that again the other day , shocking refereeing!! Deserved 3 points thanks to Vil and not the referee!!
  5. wiveygrecian

    The Serious Torquay Thread

    I fancy Truro to win tonight , they played Saturday night and drew 1-1 but rested 9 first teamers ready for tonight’s game at Gloucester
  6. wiveygrecian

    The Serious Torquay Thread

    Truro are 2 points ahead of Torquay with 3 games in hand , can’t see it happening
  7. wiveygrecian

    Signing No 5, Ryan Trevitt

    Mitchell’s against Leyton Orient was superb too
  8. wiveygrecian

    Upgrade to the fan zone

    Nearly every ground I’ve been too offers burgers and chips etc inside the ground . Why don’t we . The food on offer is nice but such a small choice
  9. wiveygrecian

    Caldwell out?

    I agree but just shows sometimes 40 points is enough which is a very small amount . Might be the same this season if the teams down there continue their form
  10. wiveygrecian

    Caldwell out?

    Let’s not forget Fleetwood stayed up on 40 points 2 years ago in a supposedly weak league
  11. wiveygrecian

    The National League (Conference) and non league football thread

    Yes a bad injury to an away player after an hour so the game got abandoned. So another game to fit in
  12. wiveygrecian

    Shrewsbury Town v Exeter City Prediction/Discussion Thread

    Yes that was a big shame , he was quality and the fans if I remember tried to help the club raise some money for him
  13. wiveygrecian

    Shrewsbury Town v Exeter City Prediction/Discussion Thread

    I thought he did and I saw a lot of games that season
  14. wiveygrecian

    Shrewsbury Town v Exeter City Prediction/Discussion Thread

    Surprised you don’t remember Shayne Bradley, that was his only goal , he linked up well with Gary Alexander
  15. wiveygrecian

    Exeter City Women 2023/24

    Tbf they are doing well. Women’s football doesn’t interest me in the slightest and I would never go and watch a match . Plenty do like it though so fair play.
  16. wiveygrecian

    Cheltenham away - Monday 1 April

    Can’t seem to see any reduction for using a groupsave mate ?
  17. wiveygrecian

    Summer Transfer Thread 2023

    He’s just signed today for Bath City
  18. wiveygrecian

    E.C.F.C. V Fleetwood Town Matchday Thread.

    No its a 2 match ban , misses the games against Peterborough and Bolton