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    Former Players

    Stansfield is the one that was given away. Fulham paying the absolute minimum and Jay thinking of his career and not necessarily the club.
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    Retained List for 2024/25

    Nelson is now playing for Ben Watson at Barnstaple.
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    Peterborough United v Exeter City match day thread

    Millennial on the bench👍
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    Matt Taylor - sacked by Rotherham & employed by Bristol Rovers

    The attendance figures do show a drop in the chiefs attendance last season to 10,300. Not exactly massive (although better than others obviously ‘.
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    Matt Taylor - sacked by Rotherham & employed by Bristol Rovers

    Bath Rugby capacity is 14502 and averaged 13900 crowds last season. Bristol over 19000.
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    Caldwell out?

    Those three months continually getting thrashed week after week with no hope mean it will be a while yet before I change my vote. Despite me liking the chap.
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    Millenic Alli is a Grecian!

    More eloquently put. But what I meant. Both great players in there way.
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    Millenic Alli is a Grecian!

    Alan Beer was better than Kellow. But had his career cut short by injury.
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    Gary's January Transfer Window

    Well I didn’t. Thank you to the previous poster for the explaining.
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    Welcome Ben Purrington

    Probably helped out by Stuart James.
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    Gary's January Transfer Window

    Believe Mr N is out of contract in the summer so Livi want some dosh before he joins his brother at Yeovil on a no’s man.
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    Christian Doidge

    Seeing the open goal he missed at Killie yesterday. No.
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    James Scott signs

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    Barnsley Away Predictions and Build Up

    Great days and great teams and players. It was Ian Pearson not Graham. Thought he did a milk round in the summer to make ends meet.
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    James Scott signs

    Looking forward to James getting a goal or two at lunchtime.
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    Charlie Cummins signs

    Presumably Harry Kites replacement. When he goes in the summer.
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    Joel Nouble - New Striker?

    It must be hard excuse we haven't done it.
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    Any whispers or rumours ?

    Joel Nouble (Frank's younger brother). Left out of Livi squad due to a transfer move.