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  1. Coppers

    My New Football Club Podcast

    I was surprised that more wasn't made of the Caldwell out out joke on the t-shirt and John appeared not to get the joke.
  2. Coppers

    No more iFollow

    I was just about to share the same article. Seems like a backward ste. Coverage will be better quality 4k hdr, more cameras etc. probably multiple games on the red button too like they currently do.But less city games overall, you won't be able to see every match like you current can.
  3. Coppers

    Demetri Mitchell signs on for City

    Wycombe away aswell, my mate thought he was watching Man City that day.
  4. Coppers

    The Official Pointless Paint/Pizza/Second Hand Car Sales Pot Swindon Town versus Exeter City Thread

    I wouldn't read too much into this game. Remember a couple years ago we played Portsmouth away in the paint pot trophy with a youthful team and nearly beat their full strength team.
  5. Coppers

    My New Football Club Podcast

    OK, great should be available more widely soon then.
  6. Coppers

    My New Football Club Podcast

    I wonder when they will release the Taggy interview that was recorded on Monday. I am looking forward to this one.
  7. Coppers

    My New Football Club Podcast

    Ah yes, Ronnie Corbett.
  8. Coppers

    My New Football Club Podcast

    Does anyone know what the music is at the end? , it has been really bugging me. It is 70s/80s TV show.
  9. Coppers

    FACup 2023-2024 season

    I hope the club are coming to some agreement with Wigan over reduced ticket prices to encourage good attendance. If its league prices I definitely won't be going but if it is papa John's money I'll consider it
  10. Coppers

    Choosing a bad view on the Bank

    I stand on the corner middleish back on the old Tiverton Rd side, in the corner gives a better perspective of the pitch, a more diagonal view which makes it easier to judge depth and distance from goal, it all looks quite flat centrally even if the noise is better. You get more space to move...
  11. Coppers

    The Official ECFC versus Barnsley Matchday Thread

    I thought it was 25k, bloody insult that was!
  12. Coppers

    Exeter City v Cheltenham Town. Matchday Thread.

    I thought it was Trevitt.
  13. Coppers

    Summer Transfer Thread 2023

    Not sure if it has been mentioned but Stanno is still in the area, was at the park run at the weekend and was spotted out running in Pinhoe yesterday... So he hasn't gone back to Fulham.... Does that mean he is staying with us? Who knows but it would be great if we could get him back even if til...
  14. Coppers

    Jevani Brown

    we may aswell have just dismissed him for gross misconduct at the time and saved the wages. We have gained nothing from keeping him on, but that's in hindsight, we werent to know the courts would drag on as they did. Really frustrating.
  15. Coppers

    Back of shirt sponsor ...

    Interesting, was owned by JD sports since 2019, bought for 90m and forced to sell in 2022 for 38m https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/business/2022/aug/01/jd-sports-agrees-38m-sale-of-footasylum-after-uk-watchdog-ruling
  16. Coppers

    Jay Stansfield

    Great news but can't see him featuring in the Argyle game which is a shame but hopefully can give home a good send off before end of season.
  17. Coppers

    My New Football Club Podcast

    Gary Peters was the name you were looking for 😜 Good show 👌👍
  18. Coppers

    Gary's January Transfer Window

    The "doing better anywhere else" would mainly be financial, the likes of Jevani and Nombe can probably quadruple their wage in the summer from a championship club, at worst double what they earn here. It's all about the money and we can't compete there unfortunately. Glad we kept hold of them...