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    Charlton Athletic home - Discussion & Prediction Thread

    I'd be surprised if Charlton sell their allocation. They don't travel too well, and are not having a great season, so I'd guess 800.
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    Exeweb age census

    I think GreciaNet and Exeweb were two different sites, and possibly even rivals. The former was run by Paul Garnham, who if I recall correctly, used to get his folks to send him cuttings from the Echo to his student digs, which he would then scan and post on Exeweb, so that Exiles could read...
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    Season tickets - 2022/23 - on sale

    Thanks SEA, he did indeed. He absolutely loved it and I've got a couple of photos of us on the pitch that I'll always cherish. He woke me up this morning at 7am by singing the Super Matt Taylor song from his bedroom.
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    Season tickets - 2022/23 - on sale

    I wonder what research the Club actually undertook. I don't recall any questions on ticket pricing in the recent Trust survey, and any benchmarking against our competitors in L1 and L2 would quickly highlight that our ticket prices are already high. Personally, we are already season ticket...
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    Season tickets - 2022/23 - on sale

    Crikey. Our season ticket prices were already higher than most of our lower league rivals and £28 for a walk-up seated ticket, is well,...... ouch. I guess the increase for season tickets is less compared to individual match tickets, which does make them more appealing, but that very much...
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    Tickets Colchester Match - Club PR - Tickets selling fast!

    Allowing Gold members to only purchase one ticket each, would be fairer. Alternatively some clubs set priority for away matches based on attendance at previous away matches. That said, I do think that ticket priority for Trust members is a massive incentive to join the Trust so wouldn't want...
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    Season tickets - 2022/23 - on sale

    Thanks Spoonz, I'll do that.
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    Season tickets - 2022/23 - on sale

    My first post for an age, but frequent lurker. I wanted to get a thread going about season tickets and I'd be interested in what others think. This is the first season where my son and I have had season tickets. We have seats in the Stanno stand and the experience has been great. We've got to...
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    Stevenage discussion

    Awesome. Tomorrow is the first home match I'm missing this season (bloody Covid), so the fact I can watch on TV softens the blow.
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    World Cup : Qatar Nov/Dec 2022.

    I was in Germany for the World Cup in 2006. Got to see England's opening group match vs Paraguay in Frankfurt (won 1-0) and the vibe in the city that day was amazing. Frankfurt is the main international hub and fans from all around the world were in town that first weekend. We also had tickets...
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    Euro 2021

    Haha. Both Beckham and Rooney faded in their twilight years, but to suggest they did little for England is absurd. Both earned over 100 caps and the latter is our record goalscorer. Yes, they both had games and moments I'm sure they'd rather forget but they were both largely fantastic for England.
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    Planning application for new training ground facilities

    These plans and the proposed facilities look fantastic. I played for the various ECFC youth teams in the early to mid 90's and I thought at the time the facilities were antiquated. This is much needed investment, but I am curious to know the cost, which presumably will not be cheap. I note in...
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    What date will we be back watching live football at SJP Thread.

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/54246745 Given that Covid-19 cases have been rising across the UK for a while, this is no surprise.
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    Ollie Watkins

    As a kid in the 90's I played for both East Devon schools and the ECFC youth teams, from U12 to U16s. Both teams were virtually identical and East Devon schools played at the Cat & Fiddle. The City staff were always present at the Devon County games as well (I only played a few times at County...
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    Hiram Boateng take a bow

    Given that Boateng has by all accounts turned down our offer of a new contract, should we offer him a new deal (say 3 years) with the option of him leaving after year one, if we have not got promoted? The benefit is we get to keep him as a player for at least one more year (longer if we go up)...
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    Exeter City vs MK D*ns build up thread

    I'm not sure the north is better prepared than down here. I've been in Manchester this week and Wednesday morning was chaos. Airport shut, roads shut etc etc. I was very glad to arrive back at Exeter Airport yesterday evening before the the snow really kicked in down here. I suspect the Exeter...
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    Signed ECFC shirt framed.

    http://ebay.us/54QMcX Glen Cronin signed shirt from 2002/03 season. Framed.
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    Flybe Struggling (as ever)

    Initially it was delayed due to poor visibility at Exeter, along with the Manchester and Jersey flights. My flight was delayed further when the weather moved across to City. In a pub in the Smoke now, so who cares 😁 Come on City!
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    Flybe Struggling (as ever)

    My Flybe flight to London was delayed 4 hours today. :(