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  1. Red Lion

    Reply in other forum..

    I do remember him wearing a City shirt on 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here'. As I recall the general public responded quite quickly.
  2. Red Lion

    What book are you reading ...

    Sooo, lots of talk about this book, but no explanations, what's the gist of it? Am I missing out, did I ought to give it a go? Just asking like!
  3. Red Lion

    Dorch away

    Anyone going to this? Driven past the ground so many times and even bought a few bits in the Tesco attached to it. My mate has a minibus booked, really looking forward to seeing inside!
  4. Red Lion

    Yay or Nay number 74

    Obvious yay.
  5. Red Lion

    Yay or Nay number 26745

    Big YAY from here...
  6. Red Lion

    Last film watched..

    That's interesting, thought it was a shocker myself!
  7. Red Lion

    Tisdale must go ...

    Re: Tisdale must go Just haven't been on Exeweb since the season started. I'm sure no one has missed me! For what it's worth, I think Tizza will save us from relegation this season if he's still here but that's not the point. It's obvious there is something rotten at the core of our club. The...
  8. Red Lion

    Fan Q&A

    I'd agree with that. It was like having a decent car (won't go as far as to say a sports car :D ) and just as you'd got the engine cooking and were ready to go into overdrive (showing my age) you decided it would be much better to slam it into second gear. IMHO there is a serious lack of...
  9. Red Lion

    Last film watched..

    Will look out for that...... Back on topic, 'Odd Thomas' Based on a series of Dean Koontz books that my eldest enjoyed reading. The lad who plays Chekov in the re-booted Star Trek series (who sadly died recently-ish) plays the lead role, a young adult with various 'gifts' among them being...
  10. Red Lion

    Ugly, slimey, tasteless, unhealthy and a disgrace to Cornwall

    Still upholding the boycott of all Gangsta's 'food' from the first time they sponsored them (y)
  11. Red Lion

    The EFL Trophy - Thoughts?

  12. Red Lion

    Last film watched..

    'Oldboy'. Apparently a Spike Lee re-make of a cult Korean (or something like that) movie. This bloke who is a bit of a tosser messes up the big deal that would have kept him in his job and proceeds to get absolutely off his face. When he wakes, he comes to realise he has been imprisoned, in...
  13. Red Lion

    The EFL Trophy - Thoughts?

    Signed up and encouraging others to.....
  14. Red Lion

    The EFL Trophy - Thoughts?

    Thanks for that, that's really good!
  15. Red Lion

    The EFL Trophy - Thoughts?

    That sums up how I feel about it. If the big clubs want their youth to get experience they should be sending them out to the smaller clubs on loan. Hadn't thought that far ahead but I think a boycott of this tournament sounds like a plan.
  16. Red Lion

    Fixtures announcement date

    Gutted. That was the one awayday I really wanted to do, won't be able to make it.
  17. Red Lion

    RIP Eamo

    Very sad news. RIP
  18. Red Lion

    Fixtures announcement date

    I've never done Crewe, or, the one I really fancy, Blackpool away before. Hope we get Blackpool away while the illuminations are up!
  19. Red Lion

    Fixtures announcement date

    Am I right in thinking next Wednesday, 22nd, is the day the Football league announces our fixtures for next season? Hoping for an unfashionable away fixture for the first game, as unusually may still be on holibobs....
  20. Red Lion

    Last film watched..

    Made I larf!