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  1. cannockred

    Agent's Fees 2023/24

    Theres the old adage you get what you pay for, FGR are 2nd highest spenders.
  2. cannockred

    Politics Today

    How do you now what I voted and why? Theres nothing worse than a patronising in voter.
  3. cannockred

    Politics Today

    As usual with "you lot" you always have to resort to name calling when someone disagrees with you. I moved to spain on retirement, but you will be pleased to hear that I can still vote in uk elections without paying a penny in tax😃 I get the best of both worlds here as I can also vote in local...
  4. cannockred

    No more iFollow

    But if you are going to games, then why would you need to be kept happy. Us abroadies will be able to put money into city via Ifollow cos we cant get to games. As far as I can tell, Max goes to games and will do up until the time he goes to Mexico.
  5. cannockred

    Politics Today

    The part in bold above is a definition of democracy, when that group of people are freely selected by the wider populace, or communism when people dont get a free choice, refernce the recent 'election' in russia. When did fact become opinion, except in your mind. Thats the purpose of the...
  6. cannockred

    Politics Today

    Its not a comment regarding your personal circumstances, Its a response to your reply. We serfs are quite happy thank you without anyone else shoving their nose where its not wanted. :cool: Im happy for political debate, however, some are only happy when you agree with them?
  7. cannockred

    Politics Today

    Where would you prefer to live and why aren't you already.
  8. cannockred

    Politics Today

    😂What a totally pointless reply. What power does the head of state wield? The government is elected via a general election ( the clue is in the word election ) Each party selects their leader from the membership, which, if that party wins, becomes the prime minister. Dont think I was asked...
  9. cannockred

    Politics Today

    The scotland/Ireland/Wales factor is different. Firstly they already have a high degree of self determination via their own elected assemblies, including the right to raise taxes and laws, secondly, they know that when they have one of their many financial ballsups that the rest of the uk(ok...
  10. cannockred

    Politics Today

    Surely coming out of the echr is exactly the same as Brexit? Having an unelected body having the final say on a democratically elected parliament! No thanks! Will there be a need for a parliament?, Why not get europe to sort out our laws and the echr enforce them. No thanks!
  11. cannockred

    Matt Taylor - sacked by Rotherham & employed by Bristol Rovers

    'The ground was absolutely dead. No queues for the bar. Acres of space in the stands. Whatever the attendance figure given was you could knock 2k off that as season ticket holders clearly aren't going.' From the gaschat forum. Now where have I seen that before :unsure:
  12. cannockred

    2024 Summer Transfer Window

    Or Or maybe casemiro. Midfield of c, cc and ccc 😃
  13. cannockred

    The Official Exeter City versus Satanage Matchday Thread

    Loved the commentators comment 'and the stevanage manager waddles back to his technical area' :)
  14. cannockred

    Former Players

    2 very poor sides defensively. I'm not sure nombe is a hoof it out from the back and chase sort of player. Plymouth can only finish second bottom now 🙂
  15. cannockred

    University research on the role of football in response to military conflict

    A little one sided to me, far to much regarding gaza, with no involvement with other wars and conflicts around the world
  16. cannockred

    Automobiles : Good,Bad & the Ugly.

    Trust you are ok👍
  17. cannockred

    Foster the imposter - in or out

    I think we can close this thread now 😃
  18. cannockred

    Ryan Woods signs on loan

    I think he has been poor since he joined us and hull should just loan him to us next season and hope that we might get him up and running. They are lucky to be able to dump him on us 👅😳
  19. cannockred

    Season Tickets 2024/25